Sunday, June 24, 2012

Congratulations Mayday Makeovers

We are three for three.

Just two days ago I had the pleasure of hearing Alwyn Cosgrove , co -author of "The New Rules of lifting For Life", and the owner with his wife Rachel of Results Fitness, speak at the Turbulence Training Summit.  I asked him a question about how much risk to take when expanding a fitness business and he asked,

"Are you any good?"  I replied "Yes." So he said, "Start small.  Your clients will help you grow."

Talk about starting small, the Mayday Makeover had three participants, but here's the great news, all three succeeded.

Sally lost eight pounds, and looks great in her favorite bikini, Van built the kind of arms that get noticed, and Lyz lost four inches off of her waistline, and that's just one example each of what they achieved.  That's 100% success, and I am so happy about what they accomplished in a very short time.

Of course the idea isn't to do a six week challenge and go back to your old ways.  The goal of a challenge like this is to establish a routine that includes a regular fitness practice, and nutritious eating habits.

Ah yes, nutritious eating habits.  None of our participants ate in exactly the same way.  They all followed their intuition on what was missing, and what was over-represented in their eating plans.  By keeping an eye on portions, emphasizing vegetables, and being aware of genuine hunger signals and fullness, they made great strides.

As for me?  Well, I did lose an inch off of my waist, but I gained a half inch in my hips.  No big deal, but it did make my waist to hip ratio even better.  The truth is that I had to come to terms with the place of alcohol and sugar in my diet, and I have come to terms, again, with the fact that they don't fit in anywhere.  I will be writing a lot more in the future about the sugar free lifestyle, and I hope that will be helpful to anyone else who had decided to surrender their trigger foods, whatever they may be.

Finally I just want to say again how grateful I am to Sally, Van, and Lyz for their inspiring efforts.  It's a lot easier for me to stay true to my goals when I see how dedicated they are.

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