Friday, December 27, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Eat For Weight Loss?

The best way to eat for weight loss is to discover the foods that nourish and satisfy you without over-stimulating your appetite.  This allows you to eat until you’re comfortably full, and then get on with your life.

This begs the question: If it really is that simple, why is it so hard?

My answer is that there is a part of you, Freud called it the "id," Carl Sagan described it as the primitive brain, and I think of it as my "Inner Teenager," that wants you to forget everything you know about health, balance, and moderation so that it can have whatever it wants.

So not only do we have to discover the most satisfying foods, we have to develop a strategy to help us keep eating them.

Once we find the foods that serve our needs, we have to go a step further  and find ways to manage our eating behavior.  The primary basis of successful long term fat loss is a change in eating habits.  You must identify the eating habits that are making and keeping you fat, and then you need to change them.

Here is an example of an eating habit that has to change for permanent fat loss to take hold:

Many of the women I know who struggle with too much body fat eat a surprisingly small amount of food: especially by volume.  

Their taste buds and appetites seem to be turned off by simple unprocessed foods.  The idea of a spinach omelet, or even a dish of Greek yogurt with some fruit is so unappetizing to them that they skip breakfast completely, leaving them so hungry that they grab a donut in the office at 11AM, or they buy and devour a scone at Starbucks.

Then, the "Hit" they get from the sugary treat drives them to snack all day long.   Even worse, the manufactured yumminess of the commercially prepared snack ruins their appetite for simple, home-made food.   (Believe me, I’ve been there.  Once I would get the “Kick” from the sugar buzz, I would end up chasing that feeling by snacking until bedtime.)

Do you know any busy moms who feed their kids but forget to eat breakfast themselves?

 I sure do, and when you're out working, or volunteering, or running errands, highly processed nutrient-poor foods seem to be everywhere.  Case in point: what are candy bars doing at the checkout counter at the hardware store?  Making money for the company that owns the store that's what.

So to busy people everywhere I say:

Eat a nutrient dense breakfast of whole foods with plenty of healthy fat, moderate protein, and lots of fiber.  (And yes, that fiber can come from vegetables- it does not have to come from bread and cereal.)

I know, I can hear you now: "That sounds like boring food that is hard work to prepare."

  Maybe it is at first, but if you prepare and eat real food on a regular basis, your taste buds will re-awaken, your energy will increase, and your waistline will shrink because real food tends to be filling and anti-inflammatory.

So what if you do start to shop for and prepare your own real  food on a regular basis?  What happens when you start to lose weight, you get bored with your eating routine, and you start to hunt for scones again?

You need a written record of your fat loss strategy that you can turn to, in order to help you get your head on straight again.

In my work at Gordon studio, I have found that my students who come to train, dance, and transform their bodies have a wealth of knowledge about what works for them in terms of eating for fat loss: but they stop using that knowledge!

They acquire what I call:
Fat Loss Amnesia.

So I'm going to make a simple request to help you build your own fat loss strategy.

For just three days: Yes just three days, I'm going to ask you to make and eat breakfast at home, and write down what you made.

This is powerful in two ways:  Studies show that people who write down what they eat lose twice as much weight as those who don't, and you will have the beginning of your own "Real Food Strategy for Fat Loss."
I want you to get the benefits of being in charge of what you eat, especially for your first meal of the day.

Here's what I had this morning:
2 eggs from a friend's hens
2 slices of uncured local bacon
Spinach sauteed in coconut oil with mushrooms.

It's noon, and I'm still feeling satisfied and energized.

You could also have 1 cup of strawberries with 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1 oz chopped raw almonds.  Add cinnamon and a few drops of stevia if the yogurt is too tart.

So prepare your own real food breakfast for three days, write down what you made, and see if you notice a difference in how you feel.  My guess is that you will have more energy and fewer cravings throughout the day: leading to a looser waistband at the end of just three days.

If you want a complete strategy to get rid of sugar cravings in three days, I have written Sugar Freedom: a complete program that shows you exactly what I ate to lose more than 60 pounds, and keep them off for 5 years and counting.

You can get Sugar Freedom for 30% off for a limited time at

Catherine Gordon A.C.E., was named the  Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year for her work with her students at Gordon Studio in Sonora, CA.  She is a member of the National Weight Control Registry and the author of The Sugar Freedom Diet.

Her website is

Thursday, December 26, 2013

From the First Five Pounds to the Last Five Pounds

I can hardly believe the Sugar Freedom Plan is actually live, and getting into the hands of the people who need it.

When I was trying to lose more than 40 pounds as a middle aged Mom, I was searching high and low for someone my age who had struggled with her weight all her life, and finally lost all the weight she wanted to.

I needed to find her so that I could ask this one burning question,

"What exactly did you eat to finally get lean?"

I had met women who had lost weight, and very often they would say Weight Watchers, or Atkins, or Smaller Portions and walking, or No White Foods.  But when it came to actual menus and meal plans I could only find techniques from fitness competitors who had never really been overweight, magazine diets that looked a lot like the Standard American Diet that had never worked for me, and celebrity diets that looked like they couldn't keep a sparrow alive.

When I finally did find a way to put together an eating strategy that worked to take fat off and keep it off, I discovered that planning my meals each morning on paper was one of the keys to my success.

That means that five years after reaching my goal weight, I have a record of what finally worked, and what keeps me within five pounds of my goal range year round.  Two years ago, I opened my Personal Training business, and just over a year ago I opened Gordon Studio where I teach Turbulence Training five days a week.  I soon discovered that my students were just as eager as I was to find out what I was eating, and why it was working.

Just a Few of the Books I Read in Search of Sugar Freedom
In June I committed To writing Sugar Freedom, and today the program is available at  A number of my clients and friends are already losing fat, looking younger, and feeling great using Sugar Freedom.  

You can discover the simplicity of losing weight with Sugar Freedom too.  It's how I eat every single day, and it's the reason I have the energy to teach eleven fitness classes a week, keep up with my 12 year old son, and enjoy life with my husband of 13 years.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question about Sugar Freedom, and I look forward to hearing about your success.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Three Reasons To Quit Sugar Now

Three Reasons Why You Need To Quit Sugar Now.

#1.  Sugar stops fat burning in its tracks by triggering insulin release.

According to The Journal of Clinical Investigation, "Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) is the principal mechanism of insulin secretion."  

Glucose is quite simply blood sugar, and any sugar that you eat causes a rise in blood sugar, and the release of insulin into the bloodstream.

According to Dr. Gregory Ellis, even a tiny release of insulin into the bloodstream can decrease fat release and fat burning by more than 40%.  So if a teaspoon of sugar can reduce fat burning by 40%, imagine what just one donut could do to your fat burning efforts?

#2.  Sugar causes aging through the process of Glycation.

What is glycation?  Put simply it is the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid.  Here is what the Journal of Nutrition has to say about fructose and other sugars: 

"Fructose intake has increased steadily during the past two decades. Fructose, like other sugars, can react with proteins through the Maillard reaction (glycation), which may account for several complications of diabetes mellitus and accelerating aging."
When the crust turns brown on a loaf of baking bread, that browning is the result of the glycation process.  Now, you may not mind the fact that glycation makes bread brown and crusty, but I certainly don't want glycation to be causing browning and flakiness in the cels and tissues of my body: especially my skin.
#3.  Sugar consumption interferes with feelings of fullness and satiety.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

"… it has been hypothesized that sugars, especially those used as caloric sweeteners, when consumed in drinks, contribute to excess energy intake through bypassing regulatory systems and by exacerbating hunger (68, 21)."

CBE news reported on a study that tracked changes in the brain that are caused by sugar:

"For the small study, published Jan. 2 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), scientists used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, scans to track blood flow in the brain in 20 young, normal-weight people before and after they had drinks containing glucose or fructose in two sessions spaced several weeks apart.

The brain scans showed that drinking glucose "turns off or suppresses the activity of areas of the brain that are critical for reward and desire for food," said one study leader, Dr. Robert Sherwin, chief of endocrinology at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn."
In other words, you may have had more than enough sugar to spike insulin and stop fat burning, but your brain won't get any "I'm full" signals to tell it to stop eating!

I've known since childhood that eating sugar, and the foods like bread and pasta that break down into sugar (glucose) in the body, makes me overeat, sometimes in shocking amounts.  I suffered from being overweight and obese for years because I simply could not find an eating plan that satisfied my hunger: let alone a diet that could get me to my weight goal!
 I am a Certified Turbulence Trainer and I know how effective TT is.  But we all agree that it's pretty much impossible to out-train a bad diet. How do I define a bad diet?  It's any diet that doesn't satisfy your appetite, causing you to overeat and keep unwanted fat on your body.
With Sugar Freedom my students at Gordon Studio here in Sonora CA are discovering how simple it  can be to release fat, and reveal the great body they've been training for.  Like you, they are committed to health and fitness, and they deserve to show off their dedication!
Sugar Freedom does eliminate sugar, grains, and processed oils from your diet, but it is full of real, delicious, easy to prepare foods that satisfy hunger, and stimulate fat loss.
You see, I wrote Sugar Freedom because my family, friends, and clients were asking me this one question:
"How do I get off sugar?"
The answer I always give them?  "Eat something else."  
I promise  that Sugar Freedom will show you exactly what that "Something Else" is, so that you can lose all the fat you want, look younger, and feel great.

Catherine Gordon A.C.E., was named the  Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year for her work with her students at Gordon Studio in Sonora, CA.  She is a member of the National Weight Control Registry and the author of The Sugar Freedom Diet.
Her website is

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beating Sugar Addiction Step One

Would you steal to feed your addiction?

I never knew when they would start: the cravings.
Sometimes I would be tired, or stressed, or even elated over a happy achievement.  Usually, they would happen whenever I got close to my next weight loss goal.

Then the thoughts would come: the food thoughts.
"Where can I get something sweet and chewy?"
"Are there donuts hidden in the cupboard?"
"Did my room-mate's Mom send her some cookies?"
 Thoughts like this would always come next,
"I'll just have a spoonful of Louise's peanut butter,"  or, "I'll just borrow a slice of Maria's bread."   "Colin won't miss one rice krispy treat."  It might even start with something as innocent as a very ripe banana, but as soon as I took the first bite, I was off to the races.

How can I describe the devastating power of that first bite?  Pardon the drama, but it was like heaven and hell at the same time.  One bite of a glazed donut and my taste buts would be going nuts at the same time as my heart would be sinking , and my head would be saying, "Oh no Catherine, you've done it again."

It's bad enough to be swept up into a binge by your sugar addiction, but it's even worse when someone catches you taking their food, even after they have specifically asked you not to.

To this very day I can see the expression on my friend and room-mate Beth's face as she asked me to stop eating her cereal when she was out of the apartment.  She looked bewildered, and so disappointed in me.  Why would a good friend steal her food?

Shame was a terrible consequence of my sugar habit, and the morning after could be even worse.  My aching head, swollen belly, and puffy face were just the most obvious symptoms of my sugar hangover.  I was always depressed after those episodes, and it wasn't just because I was disappointed in myself.  The depression was also a physical reaction to food that was like a poison to me.

If you've never felt the compulsion to keep eating long after a food stops tasting good, you probably won't understand why I had to leave sugar and flour, gluten and grains behind.  If you can stop eating after 2 oreos or one potato chip, you might think I'm just some silly drama queen looking for attention, and making excuses for being fat.

That's fine, I understand that I'm not normal.  I've cried over that a lot.  Actually, I'm crying right now.  So I will look for understanding from the women and men who have felt what I feel whenever I eat the sugar, flour, and fake fat combination that is my drug, my poison, my kryptonite.

Why did I steal and eat those foods?   The momentary rush they gave me was so overwhelming, so powerful, that I was willing to give up my dignity for it.

So how did I finally break this miserable addiction that kept me from having the body, the energy, and the self respect I needed to create the life of my dreams?

I found a way to eat something else. 
Dear Readers, Sugar Freedom is coming.  Please visit and opt in with your email to get a solution to overeating that really works. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Inspiration

She's too hard on herself.
No matter what she achieves, she thinks she ought to have done better.
When she works out or trains at the gym, she thinks, "Everyone else here is younger, stronger, and more dedicated than I am.  They deserve the space more than I do."
Sometimes, she is the least  outwardly fit person in the room, and she thinks,
"What am I doing here?  My friends and family are right, I'm spending too much time trying to get better at  lifting weights and losing fat.  I should be focusing on what matters: working, volunteering, taking care of the people who are important to me.  Am I vain, or just foolish?"
She doesn't know that she is an inspiration to everyone around her.
When she kneels down to do her push-ups , people don't think she's weak.  They see that she is humble.  Heego  doesn't choose her level of difficulty, wisdom does.  When she has to pick up  the lightest weight in the rack, (and trust me, she wants to lift more) her fellow trainees  see that form is more important than lifting a weight you can't control.
No matter how much leaner, stronger, and more beautiful she becomes, she believes that she will never measure up to the beauty of the young and physically gifted women she sees in films, in magazines,  on the internet, or even right next to her in class.
I won't write your name, but I believe you know who you are.  I'm writing this to you.
Have I felt all of these emotions?  Yes.
I suspect that anyone who reads this here has  felt the same.
I want you to know that when I turn the key in the lock of my little fitness studio, and step in to begin my day of teaching and training, you are my inspiration.
I'm not young either.  All around me are beautiful girls, and strong young men, who can train harder, lift more, and perform feats of fitness that make everyone around them gasp with admiration.
So be it.  I resolve to eat well, train smart, rest and recover, so that I can keep doing this work that  I love.
I am a Fitness Instructor.  Without you my work has no point.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Bloat Busting Menu

As I type this this morning, my head aches, my face is all puffy, and my fingers look like little sausages to me.  Sorry for the un-pretty mental images, but I'm bloated!
I ate Sugar Freedom style at Thanksgiving dinner, (no sugar, no grains) but I did make some yummy cupcakes, sweet potatoes, and gravy that contained almond and coconut flour.  Plus, there was a good deal of salt in the rub I used on the turkey, so even when I'm on plan I can get pretty puffy if I eat foods that aren't typical.
If you're feeling the effects of extra sodium, or extra anything for that matter, give this menu a try today.
Start with warm lemon water.
Start with warm lemon water.
At breakfast:  2 eggs, poached, served over a bed of spinach cooked in olive oil, and topped with salsa.
Snack: 1 organic granny smith apple and a small handful of almonds.
Lunch: 3-4 oz turkey (leftovers you know.) Served with 2 cups salad, cucumber, celery, and olive oil and vinegar dressing.
Dinner: 3-4 oz broiled salmon, 1 cup asparagus, 1 cup sliced mushrooms cooked in olive or coconut oil.
Drink at least 6 glasses of water throughout the day.  The vegetables on this menu have a diuretic effect.  Feel free to have more of them if you're hungry, and add parsley to any of your cooked dishes to get the benefit of its anti-bloating effect.
If you want another snack, low sugar fruits like berries are a good choice.  Pair them with one ounce of raw unsalted almonds or walnuts if you need something more substantial.
Honestly, I still feel full from last night, so eating lightly sounds great to me.  Remember, you can use this simple menu any day to get rid of bloat and feel lighter and sleeker.
Whatever the day brings, shopping, football, time with friends and family, don't forget to to add some walking to use up any of yesterday's extra fuel.  Here's a simple exercise routine you can do at home: Warm up with 10 squats, 10 stick ups, 10 cross crawls, and 10 leg swings on each side.  Then do 3 rounds of ten each of Total Body Extensions, Close Grip Push Ups, Jumping Jacks, and Cross Body Mountain Climbers.  You can find these exercises at my You Tube channel:  Just search Catherine Gordon.
Even if you're into eating leftovers today, this Sugar Freedom bloat busting menu will be ready whenever you need it.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Take Your After Pictures

When it comes to "after" photos, honesty isn't just the best policy, it's the only policy.

So if we're not going to give in to the temptations of Photo Shop, what are some of the things we can to to make our photo shoot the best it can be?

A few obvious things, drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot.  Eat lightly on picture day.  I stick to simple foods like eggs, fish, chicken or beef, salads with olive oil and vinegar dressing, vegetables, and low sugar fruits.  No grains and easy on the diary to reduce bloat.

(By the way, The Sugar Freedom Diet will be released on Dec. 26th.  If you want to be on the list to get it at a discount, opt in at or send me an e-mail at, and I'll put you on the list.)

#1. Practice your posing!  Put on what you're going to wear in your pictures, get in front of a mirror, and take a really good look at what you see.  Yes, you do have a good side, and if you can't figure out which it is, you haven't spent enough time in front of the mirror.  After years of dance and yoga classes it is easy for me to see that my right side looks slimmer and shapelier than my left.  If you are familiar with "Warrior Pose" try it with the right and then the left foot in front and you should see what I mean.  Your face probably has a good side too, and you can angle your body one way and your face the other, (Not too far, we want to see both of your eyes really well!).  If you're working with a photographer, you may want to write down notes about any poses you want to get.  In the excitement of the shoot I did forget some poses I wanted to try.

#2.  Know what you want to express.  There's a reason why the look on your face is called your expression!  All of the pride, happiness, and the pleasure of accomplishment should show in your face in an after photo.  How do you do this?  Just think about how your results make you feel, and that will come across to the camera.  Allow all of milestones you've passed and the new skills you've mastered to flash through your memory as you face the camera, and it will capture what you are feeling.  This means that if you're an intense kind of guy you don't have to smile if you don't want to!  Oh, and don't flex so hard or pull in your abs in so far that you end up with a less than comfortable expression, if you know what I mean. :)

#3.  The fun stuff!  Nothing on this list of little extras to help you look your best costs more than $10.00.

Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster- Squeeze it on top of your usual toothpaste.  Start using it a few days before the shoot.  So easy, and your teeth really will be whiter.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towlettes for body.  I use one on my face too, then I spray on Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self Tanning mist on top of that. (Not in your face though!)  Start at least three days before the shoot, use the lighter color if you're naturally fair, and stop when you get the right color.  It does take a full hour to see the color develop.  The layering will give you a nice even bronzing.

Palmers Moisturizing Body Oil- rub it on just before you take your pictures- not too much, you can always add more.

A spray bottle of water- once again a light misting.

These are enhancements.  You don't want to be so tanned or so shiny that people notice that instead of you.  speaking of shiny, your forehead shouldn't be.  Go ahead and powder lightly if it is.  Guys, enlist female help, we love this stuff.  Well, at least I do but I'm real girlie.
Anything else, just ask.

To check out Turbulence Training, the fat loss program I used to make my transformation a reality Click Here!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Your Holiday Survival Guide

Hello Friends in Fitness,

It's that time of year again:  The beautiful days between Halloween and The Super Bowl when consuming everything in sight becomes every red blooded American's favorite sport.

Forgive me if you're not in the US, but when it comes to holiday excess we do like to come out on top.

By the way, is it just me or does the holiday season seem to be getting longer?

 Does it end with Valentine's Day?  President's Day?  Do we all say "What the heck," and put off our New Years Resolutions until after we eat our Lucky Charms with Green Beer on St. Patrick's Day?

OK, so I've never eaten Lucky Charms with Green Beer, but some of my best friends have.

Honestly, sometime in the two weeks before Thanksgiving I know that I have to make a choice about what kind of holiday season this will be when it comes to eating and drinking.

Explore this with me, will you?

You see, somehow I have managed to keep a substantial amount of weight off for a number of years now.  I've even managed to avoid the gift of bigger thighs that I used to give myself each year by making a few plans before I do the grocery shopping on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Ah yes, plans.  Happy Holidays do take planning don't they?

If you're a Mom with a job, a daughter with parents to please, or a single girl dreaming of Winter romance, (I remember those days quite fondly thank you) a plan, or at least some important choices, can give you a better shot at coming through the season with more comfort and joy than headaches and regret.

The way I see it, you have three choices.

#1.  The Free For All.

Throw caution to the wind.  Eat, drink, be merry, and gulp away at all of the amazing goodies that are only allowed at this time of year, and that simply must be eaten because they will never ever be available again.  As a matter of fact, the food police may be coming in May of 2014 to make the consumption of all sweet and savory treats a misdemeanor under the new Universal  Food Denial Act.

I admit, this scenario, and this choice, is unlikely.  Somehow I doubt that you would be reading this post if you didn't want some genuine wisdom on how to make good choices during the holiday season, so let's move on to option 2.

#2.  The Food Fight: Epic Battle Edition

Pursue your Fitness and Nutrition Goals with all of the passion and precision of someone getting ready for their High School Reunion. Holiday Shmoliday: You want a hot lean body, and you want it now.  There is a little black dress hanging in the closet right now that is 2 sizes too small, but you will be wearing it on New Year's Eve, or else!

Actually, I've gone with  scenario #2  in the past, and it can be done.  I reached my ultimate goal weight on December 9th, 2010 by sticking faithfully to my food and exercise plan.  (Yes, I know it's weird that I know the exact date.)  Then again, I threw caution to the wind starting that Christmas day, gained at least 7 pounds  over the next few weeks, and my weight didn't stabilize until the end of February.

#3.  The Balanced Approach.

This sounds perfect at first glance, but this kind of "Balance" can seem like walking on a high wire over a pool of snapping crocodiles for 6 weeks.  What to choose?

In all honesty, the balanced  approach has worked before for me, and for my students here in Sonora.  So let's take a closer look at how we can make some choices that will help us have a beautiful, joyful holiday season.

I know that health and vitality are important to you, so the foundation of this Holiday Survival Guide is:

Your Training and Fitness Routine

The very best thing you can do in my never to be humble opinion is:  Keep Training!  Get out your calendar, and write in your training sessions right  now in ink.  The benefits of exercise become even more apparent at the holidays.

Stress reduction, feel-good endorphins, improved sleep, better glucose control, defense against depression and anxiety, are all proven benefits of your well designed exercise plan.
Let me be honest as well when I admit that my commitment to fitness isn't just about health: It's about beauty too.  This time of year the cameras come out, the parties are in full swing, love is in the air, and I want you to have that glow that comes with proper fitness.  (And no, I don't mean the sweaty glow you get in the gym either.)

Another plus is that intense exercise sessions are proven to reduce appetite!  Talk about a win, win, win, strategy.

Speaking of Appetite:

Let's face it, holiday goodies and beverages are designed to delight and tempt our appetites.  This is a time of  year for delicious and sensational food.  The cooks in our lives pull out all the stops, and their feelings can be hurt if we don't pay proper homage to their efforts.

What to do?  Personally, I am fortunate in that after more than 30 years of struggling with food, I had to face my sugar addiction and compulsive over-eating.  I have earned the wisdom to say "No"to my trigger foods no matter what.

 Certainly, if you have gluten sensitivity, high blood sugar, or any medical condition that is affected by diet, you can stand strong in your insistence on eliminating foods that can harm your heath.  But what do you do if your goal is to enjoy everything in moderation?

Here is the approach I suggest to my students:  Make some choices now about how much you will indulge in Holiday food and drink.

What are the most important celebrations to you?  What are your absolute favorite holiday treats?  Whose feeling will you really hurt if you push their offerings away?

Once again look at your calendar and have a plan for enjoying the best of the food and drink that you will encounter, while leaving out the excess that will only make you store fat.   For example, if you celebrate Christmas, which is the most important meal:  Christmas Eve dinner, or brunch on Christmas day?  In my family, we have Aunt Evie's Coffee Cake or "French Puffs" as a tradition on Christmas morning.  Now, I live a sugar free lifestyle, so my solution is to make a sugar and grain free version of these goodies, but that takes planning!

I am urging you to look ahead and create a plan for when and how much you will celebrate with food and drink.  (Speaking of drink, will you do your body this favor?  Please drink plenty of water.  Put a piece of paper on your refrigerator, and make a check on it for each glass of water you drink.  If you get six or more checks for five days in a row, give yourself a small prize like a new color of nail polish, or a new sports bra. Ok, good sports bras are expensive but they are my favorite gift to myself.  What's yours?)

Finally, and pardon the cliché, but the coming season is ideally about faith and family, music and beauty, friendship and generosity. Celebrate the coming opportunities to dress in your best, create an inviting home, give in your community, and re-connect with your friends and family.

So to re-cap:  Schedule your training, choose and plan your indulgences, drink water, and focus on non-food beauty and joy.

I wish you your most beautiful holiday ever.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Next Step in Permanent Weight Loss

Last week I wrote about how you can begin to find your ideal weight with one simple measurement.

That measurement is "Waist Circumference," and if you're a woman it should be below 31.5 inches for optimal health.  Guys: your goal is to get it below 37 inches.

Yesterday, I found a fitness calculator that shocked me.

It determines your fitness age with a formula that takes into accLast week I wrote about how you can begin to find your ideal weight with one simple measurement.

That measurement is "Waist Circumference," and if you're a woman it should be below 31.5 inches for optimal health.  Guys: your goal is to get it below 37 inches.

Yesterday, I found a fitness calculator that shocked me.

It determines your fitness age with a formula that takes into account the time and intensity of your exercise habits, your resting heart rate, and, yes you guessed it, your waist circumference! 

Click the link above to take the test.

I was completely shocked when my result came back at under 20 years old, but the combination of Turbulence Training and The Sugar Freedom Diet has made my waist six inches smaller than when I started my fat loss journey in 2008, and they have made my resting heart rate surprisingly low.

I want the same results for you, and this is why:

A smaller waist means improved insulin sensitivity, and a slower resting heart rate indicates improved blood flow and less stress.  These two benefits are like two streams from the fountain of youth, and they give us the energy and well-being to go out and do what we love to do.

What would you do if you had boundless energy, and you felt like you looked fantastic?

Would you travel more?  Go dancing?  Open your own business?  Volunteer at your child's school?

Remember last week's blog where I wrote about "Media Weight?"  Well guess what, Media Weight has absolutely nothing to do with your health.  The astonishing thinness of the images that sell products, are created in order to raise the bar on your desires and expectations of yourself.

The "Mad Men" in advertising know that if they can put the standard of beauty out of reach, they can keep selling  you the products and services that they claim will finally help you measure up to their ridiculous standards.

I am writing to encourage you to take happiness back from the media and the "Madvertisers" by determining your fat loss goals in terms of action instead of appearance.

Let me explain.  If contemporary standards of appearance are absurd, and they have nothing to do with heath or natural beauty, why not blow them off and concentrate on how you feel and what you do instead?

So the next step in permanent fat loss isn't picking a number on the scale, no not at all!

The next step is to determine what your ideal body will allow you to do.

The body of your dreams is simply the body that has the health and energy to let you pursue what makes you happy, and guess what?

This very state of happiness with what you do will go a long way toward eliminating your desire to overeat.

So right here and now I'm asking you to write down three things you love to do, or would love to do, that would be enhanced by fat loss and fitness.

By combining a simple waist measurement with three things you love to do, you will have established a brilliant fat loss goal that will be like a powerful magnet that draws positive people, actions, and opportunities right to you.

I have seen it time and again in my students that when their goals become about health, happiness, and action the fat loss frustration falls away, and their lives take off.

Here are some specific examples from my students at Gordon Studio:

Traveling to Thailand, water skiing again, kayaking, hiking, ballroom dancing, becoming a licensed Zumba instructor, getting promoted, getting pregnant :), becoming a 4H leader, protecting and informing the community during the Rim Fire, getting that first paying job as a photographer, getting the lead in another play, and on an on!

Please note that none of these achievements are the direct result of weight loss.  They are the direct result of more confidence, and more energy.

I want you to have the confidence and energy that is yours when you eliminate the aches, pains, and frustrations of poor training, and when you leave behind the obsessions and cravings of poor food.

Let's beat the media at their own game by being happy in spite of what they show us and try to sell us.

P.S. Did you write down the three things you would love to do? 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

To Lose Weight: Answer This Question First.

Do I need to lose weight?  Pardon me for stating the obvious, but  your fat loss journey begins with this question.

You see, there are two weights which dominate our thinking in our contemporary culture.

#1. Healthy Weight
#2. Media Weight

Media weight you ask?  What in the world is that?

Media weight is the is the size and shape that dominates in advertising, on television, in print, and on the web.  Media weight is different from the current fashion in  the look of actors, musicians, and other celebrities.  In most cases, the people we pay money to see when they act, do comedy, dance or offer some other kind of performance have some kind of talent or skill that goes beyond appearance.

Media Weight represents the look that advertisers are after when they want to sell products.  

Notwithstanding Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, the female form preferred by the media to sell products has become more and more slender since the 1950's.

When I worked as a commercial casting assistant back in the '90s there was a sense that it was always safer to send a tall slender actor for consideration by the client.  If an actor wasn't model slim, she needed to be incredibly talented for the casting director to take a chance on her.  Bottom line, when it came to casting, skinny was safe.

To this day, I'm still not sure why this was the case.  Did big companies like Proctor and Gamble do market research that showed that we like to buy things from skinny people?  Is it that slenderness is something that women started to aspire to in the last century: especially after 1970? Is my theory correct that discontent drives consumption, so advertisers promote a physical standard that is impossible for 95% of the population to achieve: Thereby leading them to buy more stuff to make up for their perceived inadequacies?

And what does all of this have to do with you, Dear Reader?  Well, in my work as a personal trainer it becomes clearer and clear to me that what advertisers present to us as desirable has nothing to do with health.

Now we come to the most important point in this article: What is a healthy weight?  An even more important question is this one: What is a healthy weight for you?

Don't worry, I promise to answer this question by the end of this post.  In the face of advertising and confusing mixed messages on whether BMI or Body Mass Index is a good measure of health, I do have  a very simple way of gauging a healthy weight for my students, and for you.

Simply measure your waist.

Here is a quote from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

 In fact, recent findings indicate that WC is a stronger marker of health risk than is BMI.
(WC stands for waist circumference.)

So what is a healthy waist circumference?  See the article below from the Heart Foundation website.

Your waist measurement compares closely with your body mass index (BMI), and is often seen as a better way of checking your risk of developing a chronic disease.
Measuring your waist circumference is a simple check to tell how much body fat you have and where it is placed around your body.  Where your fat is located can be an important sign of your risk of developing an ongoing health problem.
Regardless of your height or build, for most adults a waist measurement of greater than 94cm for men and 80cm for women is an indicator of the level of internal fat deposits which coat the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas, and increase the risk of chronic disease.
How to measure your waist
1. Find the top of your hip bone and the bottom of your ribs.
2. Breathe out normally.
3. Place the tape measure midway between these points and wrap it around your waist.
4. Check your measurement.
Are these waist measurements suitable for everyone?
Waist measurements should only be used for adults to check their risk of developing a chronic disease. The waist measurements above are recommended for Caucasian men, and Caucasian and Asian women. Recommended waist measurements are yet to be determined for all ethnic groups. It is believed that they may be lower for Asian men.

So this is where we begin.  If your waist measurement if over 31.5 inches for a woman and 37 inches for a man, it's time to take action.

The solution to my own struggle with fat was to learn Turbulence Training and follow the Sugar Freedom diet.  By addressing my overeating, and finding a way to train safely and effectively, I finally got to a healthy BMI, a waist circumference I feel great about, and I opened the door to finally figuring out what I wanted to do with my professional life.

I want to encourage you to start in the same place.  What is your waist measurement?  If it's higher than healthy, take action to get it lower.  Then, it will be time to consider your appearance as a motivator for change.

In my next post we will look at setting the goal for your ideal authentic body.  Reaching a  healthy waist circumference is the first stage of your transformation journey.  A healthy WC is what you need.  Next we will address what you desire.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

By the Time You Try To Eat Less and Move More...

By the time you try to eat less and move more, it's already too late.

You've missed the boat, you're closing the barn door after the horses have left.

What you have to do to lose all of the excess fat you want, and keep it gone forever is simply this.

You must find a way to want less food and, crave more action.
It Is So Worth It.

Understand this above everything else.  Your behavior is motivated by your desires.  By the time you try to control your behavior Mother Nature has taken over and she is stronger that your personal ego, and good intentions.

You have to learn to manage what you want,and I can show you how!

When you eliminate sugars, grains, and processed oils from your diet your appetite will tank, and you will be in charge of your behavior once more.

Once you are well nourished, and your appetite is well satisfied instead of over-stimulated, you will re-discover the desire to move more.

The fit, slender people who have been trying to motivate you to eat less and move more aren't being deliberately cruel. (No matter how they behaved in Eighth Grade.)  They simply have no idea what it means to feel starved and exhausted at the same time just from eating two slices of pizza.

What I am suggesting is that you stop trying to control how much you eat, and start influencing how much you want to eat.

What's the difference?  I can tell you first hand that it is the difference between fulfilling your dreams in a body you respect and cherish, and fighting your body every day for the rest of your life, until you finally just give in to the food addiction and eat yourself to death from diabetes, stroke or a heat attack.

Yes, this is a rant from the bottom of my soul that says enough half truths, enough worn out sayings, and enough diet dogma.  There is a way to eat every day, and at every meal, that will nourish and satisfy you without causing you to eat to excess and to store that excess as fat.

I am going to tell you what that way is.  You are going to think, "What's the catch?"  Is there a catch?  Let me describe my solution and you tell me.  

You are going to discover the foods that satisfy you without triggering your appetite.  And then you are going to develop a lifelong personal eating strategy that is going to allow you to keep doing  just that.

With the Three Day Sugar Strike, The Sugar Freedom Diet, and the Sugar Freedom Lifestyle, you are going to break away from your trigger and binge foods.  You are going to get enough distance and freedom from them that you will finally be able to create your own personal eating strategy for a life of slenderness and satisfaction on your terms.

By now, if you have read this far, I'm going to guess that you have had enough, tasted enough, and consumed enough of every kind of food to last a lifetime.  Now you know that  it's time to put the foolishness and self destructiveness of overeating behind you.  It's time to step away from a life that revolves around what you can eat and when you can eat it, and move toward a life that revolves around what you can create and how you can give it.

It's been more than five years since I gave in, surrendered, and admitted that I couldn't have my cake and live my best life too.

One meal at a time, I leave the cake behind, and the life I get to live instead is so much better than anything I ever dreamed.  Sugar Freedom will be ready soon, and I hope that it helps everyone who tries it to feel fantastic, look wonderful, and have the abundant energy to make their dreams come true.

Friday, October 25, 2013

President Taft's Low Carb Diet

1381640643000-uscp-taftI was fascinated last week when I read reporter Nanci Hellmich's article in USA Today covering the fact that US President Taft had lost 60 pounds on a low carb diet back in the early 1900s.  She wrote,
"President William Howard Taft, the country's heaviest commander in chief and a high-profile yo-yo dieter in his day, lost 60 pounds in the early 1900s on a low-carb diet with the help of a diet doctor.
Dozens of letters between Taft and his English physician provide "a detailed look at patient care for obesity during this time," says historian Deborah Levine, an assistant professor of health policy and management at Providence (R.I.) College and author of an article, out Monday, in the Annals of Internal Medicine. She says that although the letters have been available for years, she believes this is the first time they have been analyzed. "People today may be surprised that patients were seeking care for obesity as early as the beginning of the 20th century."
The article was of special interest to me because we know from the history books that Taft gained all of that weight back, and more.
If you read my most recent post, you won't be surprised when I say that Taft's problem was that he didn't, or couldn't,  stay on his physician's version of the low carb diet.  If you find an eating strategy that works for fat loss, it is my experience that you will need to stick to that strategy in order to keep the excess fat off.
The question I want to answer is why President Taft couldn't stay on the diet.  In the article,, I read that Taft was instructed to eat lean meat and gluten free biscuits.  I can't help thinking that if he had been allowed more fat, and if he had eliminated grains instead of just gluten, he might have been able to break free of the cravings that were driving his appetite.
It must take incredible strength of will to get elected President and lead a nation.  We all know people who are amazing in their energy, productivity, and generosity who have not been able to shed the fat they wanted to and keep it off.
Ultimately, the answer to permanent fat loss lies in the ability to manage the hunger and appetite that drives your eating behavior.  By eliminating sugar, grains, and processed oils from my eating plan, I have finally soothed the savage beast that was my appetite from childhood all the way though my early 40s.
Today, I continue to craft the the last few elements of The Sugar Freedom Diet in order to make it ready to release to the public.  I am so excited and hopeful that in writing this plan, I will be able to offer a solution to the problem of overwhelming appetite, and free my readers to live the way they want to: healthy, slender on their own terms, and full of the energy they need to run a household, a business, or even a country!

Monday, October 21, 2013

What Makes Dieters Gain the Weight Back?

This past week has taught me the answer to a vital question,
"Why do so many dieters lose weight, only to gain it back?"
We find what works, lose weight, (or release fat as I like to say) and then we stop doing it.
I actually do believe in the effectiveness of diets. A diet, in my practice, is a specific program meant to reduce weight or body fat level.
Dieting is what I do when I am actively seeking physical change through eating. When my goal is reached, dieting ends, and maintenance begins.
What I am trying to teach in my work is that maintenance is simply an enhanced and expanded version of the Diet that enabled you to reach your goal.
Too many people completely abandon their effective eating strategy once their goal is reached.
Here is where the confusion starts- Fat Loss and Weight loss aren't the "Lifestyle" that so many people hold as the Holy Grail of Fitness. Maintenance is the lifestyle.
Maintenance, and thus the lifestyle, begins when the goal is reached.
My secret is to spend some time in maintenance after the achievement of each meaningful goal, experience the peace of stability, and then press on.
Very soon, The Sugar Freedom Diet will be available on this website.  Tomorrow is the Photo shoot to reveal the evidence that what I did more than five years ago to finally overcome obesity is still working.
The Sugar Freedom Diet has two phases:  The Three Day Sugar Strike, and The Sugar Freedom Diet.  I wrote Sugar Freedom because, back when I was starting my fat loss journey, I was desperately seeking examples of  middle aged women like me who had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.  I found that there were plenty of role models who were more than happy to share their training strategies, but I had a hard time finding anyone who could answer this question,
"What, exactly, did you eat to lose all that weight?"
Here, at Sugar I will answer that question, along with the incredibly important follow up:  "What do you eat to keep it off?"  Just as important is the awareness that what I choose to eat today doesn't just satisfy my appetite: It is literally the fuel for my dreams.
There are plenty of experts and successful dieters today who will tell you to cut sugar out of your diet inorder to lose weight.  With Sugar Freedom, I will do my very best to show you how, with all of the honesty and clarity I can muster.
Here is an example.  My go to Sugar Strike breakfast is two local, pastured eggs, 2 slices of local uncured bacon, and mixed vegetables sauteed in coconut oil.  I like to season my vegetables with turmeric, ginger, and iodized sea salt.  I always make extra vegetables to serve with lunch or dinner.  This breakfast keeps me full, and full of energy until noon, when I thoroughly enjoy my lunch.  Eating Sugar Freedom style helps me find the balance between enjoying my food, and obsessively craving it.
Back when I first reached my goal, I hoped that I could find a way to go back to eating the trigger foods I used to crave.  Now I understand that that way is closed to me if I want to maintain my weight for good.  That's just fine: It really is because my life is fuller without them.
Note:  The Sugar Freedom Diet will be available at this web address:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please Don't Try To Transform Your Body Without This.

How many times have I heard about this?  A friend embarks on a transformation journey by resolving to eat well and start a fitness training program.

They want results fast, so they push hard and start to spend extra hours in the gym.  On top of that they add more cardio, more reps, more weight until Bam!  The back tweaks, twinges, and then goes out completely.

Oh who am I kidding.  Whenever anyone writes about "A Friend" she's probably writing about herself too.  Yes, I've pulled my back out in the gym, and in yoga class.  Both times this happened in recent years the problem was this: I pushed to far without a proper warm up, and with bad form.

Shame on me, because by then I knew better.

The result for me, and for my friends who have sustained back injuries while training is that your fat loss and transformation goals get pushed back even farther.  I even know people who have given up on training for months or longer because of back pain.

Now, if you train with me at Gordon Studio, you've heard me say that I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, not a Physical Therapist, so my warm ups and techniques are meant to help you train safely, as opposed to giving you a therapy to heal injury.

The vital point is, that you must have a strategy for training safely in order to go all the way with your physical transformation, and to maintain the body you want for good.

Rick Kaselj M.S. made this video for me and my students at Gordon Studio to demonstrate a foundational movement for so much of the training we do.

Please give it a look, and if you want a total program for preventing and fixing back pain, please click on my affiliate link below for "Fix My Back Pain."  I have the program myself, and I've already learned so much about how to help my students get great form and keep training toward their goals.

(Click this link to get the program at 50% off!)
Protect Your Back and Train On!