Monday, January 28, 2013

Unstuffed- Before and After

 You have to make room for success!  This is the chest in the front hall where I keep stationary, office, and camera supplies.  The "after" sure looks a lot better than the "before".  I'm no expert on organization, but even I know that T-shirts don't go with the office supplies.
There are so many possible benefits just from cleaning out this one piece of furniture.  For example, I've been wanting to start a You Tube Diary on my journey to "Unstuffed," and my video camera, tripod, extra batteries, and instruction manuals are all here ready to use now.

Here is another way you can use the  "unstuffed" technique to advance your life and fitness goals.  Write down your eating plan for the day.  If you get bored and want to start nibbling, clean something out instead.  It could be a drawer, a shelf, even a closet.  It's not the size of the task, it's the power to distract you from a behavior you want to avoid that counts.

By the way, my gum challenge continues to go well, and there are no more wrappers around the house or in my car anymore.  I like this feeling.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Several of my Gordon Studio students and I are are participating in Craig Ballantyne's Early To Rise contest.  There are four categories for transformation: Heathy, Wealthy, Wise, and Overall.  I'm using the contest as an added incentive to do some things I've been meaning to do for a long time.

Recently Dr. Gail Matthews conducted a study that showed that participants who wrote down their goals and shared them with a friend were 33% more successful in achieving their goals.  I know from direct experience how powerful writing and sharing my goals here has been, and I'm so grateful for the readers who have joined me on this journey.

So now it's time to improve my odds of completion to write down some new goals for the next 30 days.

The new project is called,  "Unstuffed"30 Days to Shed Clutter and Fat.

For the next 30 days I will eat for optimal fat release by clearing alcohol, sugar, flour, and overeating out of my eating plan.  I will also clean something out on each of these 30 days.  Whether it's as big as a closet or as small as the door pocket in my car, something will get sorted and cleaned.  Then, after closets, and bureaus, and drawers are unstuffed, I will give the stuff away, or at least dispose of it responsibly.

I have discovered over the five years that I've been on the road to becoming who I want to be, that anxiety makes me want to eat my trigger foods.  Foods like bread, cookies, peanut butter, and waffles have an effect on me that is exciting, stimulating, and then drugging.  Aggravation, frustration, and anxiety laden situations make me want to run for the cover of these distracting foods.  I know that clutter is a source of guilt and distress in my life, so clearing it out will give me some powerful positive feelings.

Plus, I do believe that if we want good things to flow into our lives, we need to make room for them.  I think it will help to start small, so today I'll clean out the chest in the hall that holds extra office supplies, along with some clothes that simply don't belong there.

The idea is to replace my unwanted eating behavior with something I want to do that will have a long term positive outcome.  If this works, I'll be a winner whether I place in the contest or not.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hooray! No Relapse

The Return of the White Bikini
I'm still reveling in my client's success from the last Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, but the real triumph comes from owning your positive changes, and then improving from there.  Last week I entered Craig Ballantyne's new Early To Rise contest in the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise combined category.  Several of my Gordon Studio clients entered as well in the Healthy category.

They all want to continue their progress and "Keep the Change" as I like to say.

Now, if I want to lead people to a certain destination I have to go there first so I know the way.  I am confident in saying that I know how to achieve and maintain a weight within standard healthy guidelines.  For what it's worth, my current Body Mass Index number is exactly 24.  That is officially healthy.

Over the next 12 weeks I intend to take healthy to "Ideal" on my own terms.  I will be going after a BMI of 22.  Not too low, just right.  22 is the destination, and for the next 81 days I will be learning, studying, and taking notes so that I can draw a map that will help me lead my friends, clients, and students there as well.  I may have "An Unexpected Journey"  just like Bilbo Baggins.  There and back again is a good title for this trip.

I've already had a few weeks to leave behind the excesses of the holidays, and my head is much clearer, and my appetite has returned to being a pleasant reminder of hunger rather than a clanging alarm of craving.

To everyone sharing the trail with me, have a safe, lively, and enlightening journey.