Monday, January 28, 2013

Unstuffed- Before and After

 You have to make room for success!  This is the chest in the front hall where I keep stationary, office, and camera supplies.  The "after" sure looks a lot better than the "before".  I'm no expert on organization, but even I know that T-shirts don't go with the office supplies.
There are so many possible benefits just from cleaning out this one piece of furniture.  For example, I've been wanting to start a You Tube Diary on my journey to "Unstuffed," and my video camera, tripod, extra batteries, and instruction manuals are all here ready to use now.

Here is another way you can use the  "unstuffed" technique to advance your life and fitness goals.  Write down your eating plan for the day.  If you get bored and want to start nibbling, clean something out instead.  It could be a drawer, a shelf, even a closet.  It's not the size of the task, it's the power to distract you from a behavior you want to avoid that counts.

By the way, my gum challenge continues to go well, and there are no more wrappers around the house or in my car anymore.  I like this feeling.

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