Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Steady Progress in Fat Release

Making steady progress these days. As of yesterday, I finally broke through the plateau I've been bumping up against ever since I started my training business. I had to figure out a balance for how much I was training, eating, and recovering.

What I've learned is that it doesn't matter how much you cut your calories or increase your work output. The human body is wired for survival, and if you push it too hard and get too impatient for results it will push back!

Ever since "The Greatest Loser" came on the air we've been subject to a great fallacy in the world of physical transformation and fat/weight loss. That fallacy is this: That linear weight loss all the way to goal is possible through constant calorie restriction and exercise at the very upper limit of the trainee's ability. The only reason this works for the contestants is that they are forced to comply through the outrageous pressure of worldwide on-camera scrutiny. The consequences of failure are so dire for them, that they can overcome even the strongest of the body's urges of self-preservation.

The rest of us live in the real world where cravings can be satisfied at any hour of the day. Real world human beings like us need a different strategy.

What is that strategy? Here it is for me and my students.

Ask the body to change, but ask nicely.

Increase physical effort, and adjust nutrition rationally by increasing activities that burn fat, and reducing foods that store fat.

The technique really is that simple, but the execution of that technique takes a high amount of skill, patience, and maturity in the real world. In addition, optimal physical training combines work with play and enjoyment, and optimal eating combines nutrition with enjoyment as well. We are not locked in some metabolic ward being forced to comply with the program, so we have to tame our subconscious desires with finesse.

Here is the strategy that has worked for me.

#1. Eliminate trigger foods whenever possible to the best of my ability.
#2. Eat wholesome nutritionally dense foods at 3 meals a day, with breakfast as the largest and most important meal.
#3. During the work week, all my meals are consumed before my evening classes allowing for significant fat burning overnight

The result? Outstanding amounts of energy and fat loss of 1/2 pound a week. Once weight and body fat are within a healthy range, I think that it takes a rational patient approach to bring the body into "Ideal" territory. You can certainly lose weight with the eat less and less move more and more strategy, but it won't give you a great body- just a lighter one.

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