Monday, February 11, 2013

"Unstuffed" Nine Days To Go

So there are only nine days left in my quest to un-stuff my body and my environment.  How's it going? Well, many bags of clothing have left the house.  Ok, they're in the garage now, but I have a plan!

My husband will be taking them to the Salvation Army's donation station here in town.  One of the keys to permanent transformation is to have a team of allies who can help you achieve your goals.

My biggest concern on the de-cluttering front is how to properly dispose of my two old non-functioning iMacs.  What is the the best way to donate of dispose of them while making sure that old data can't be extracted or stolen?  Can old passwords or credit card numbers be pulled off of the hard drives?  I need to find out this information before donation.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to Google "Safe Mac Donation" as soon as I finish this post.

One of the biggest obstacles I have faced in clearing clutter is the fear that I will need the donated items later.  Until two years ago, my husband and I were actively involved in producing musicals and variety shows.  As a result, we have costumes, shoes, and accessories overflowing our spare closets.  We also have a tower of bins stacked in the garage.  How should I edit them?  Here is the method I'm going to use.  If the item is currently available and it's worth less than five dollars, it goes.  That should produce quite a pile of goods-to-go.

Now to address un-stuffing the figure.

I know that it is popular to focus on changing lifestyle to change weight, but sometimes a clear short term eating plan can be very useful.  For example, fruit, cheese, and nuts are regular foods in my healthy eating lifestyle.  They are yummy and nutritious, but they are either calorie dense, in the case of nuts and cheese, or they have a tendency to spark cravings for sweets, in the case of fruits.  (For me at least.)   Also, I enjoy using raw cream and pastured butter, but I can go overboard on serving size if I'm not careful.

Fortunately, my abs are starting to show, and I've lost 3 pounds since the beginning of the unstuffed challenge.  In order to get the best possible results by the end of the 30 days, I will measure all of the fats and protein foods that I eat, and I will leave nuts, fruits, and cheese out of my eating plan for the next nine days.  The great news is that after a day or two without these foods, I simply don't miss them. Then, when I re-introduce them they will taste like wonderful treats.

 What about Valentine's Day you may ask?  Hey, there are other ways to celebrate romance than by eating chocolate!  Even so, I'm going to order a stevia sweetened dark chocolate bar to enjoy on Thursday before I teach Zumba.

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