Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fat Release Day 2- Dealing with Cravings

No matter how strong your commitment or how clear your vision, food cravings will appear when you change your eating habits.

The most powerful technique I have ever found for releasing fat is the elimination of sugar and grains, especially bread.  But just because it's powerful and effective doesn't mean it's easy at the start.



Bread was my first binge food, and since every normal American household has a loaf of bread in the the kitchen, not to mention hot dog or hamburger buns in the cupboard, it is hard to keep your distance from it.  Two days ago, I got into the rolls that I had bought when we had a friend over for dinner.  They were on the top shelf of the refrigerator, and that evening I was putting away the raw cream for my after-dinner cup of decaf, and I happened to look up and see them.

I wasn't hungry.  As a matter of fact I was still full from diner, but I pulled them down, slathered two of them with Kerrygold butter, and they disappeared down my throat before anyone could see me and ask what I was doing.  I have this uncanny ability to isolate  my higher self for just long enough to gobble down a trigger food.  It's like when a mosquito lands on you and you know you're going to get bit, but you're not fast enough to slap that insect away before you feel the stinger slide in.

In the morning, my head aching and my fingers swollen from by common reaction, I resolved to commit to 30 days without my personal trigger foods, and I wrote yesterday's post.

Two hours ago, just as I finished a fantastic abstinent breakfast, I was hit by a bread craving so strong I could hardly believe it.  It took at least five different thought strategies to "Think myself down" from the craving cliff I was standing on.

Did I cave to the crave?  No.  I thought about many reasons why I did not want to go gobble down dinner rolls.  The thought that finally got me through the craving wasn't that I wanted a great figure, or that I didn't want to feel guilty tomorrow.  I simply said to myself,

"I want to feel good now, and in the very next moment after now."

I have finally accepted that even the moment of the first bite brings pain instead of pleasure.  I feel like I dodged a meteor.  (It was a very dramatic craving.)

I feel confident that my tomorrow, I will have enough distance from my last slip that the physical craving for bread will be resolved.  The days when I teach and train are so much easier because I want to look and feel my best at work.  It's the weekends that pose my biggest challenges.

Today's Menu:  Coffee, raw cream, 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, sauteed cabbage, celery, and onion, ghee.

Lunch:  4 oz chicken, mixed green salad, olive oil, vinegar, 1C broccolini, 1t butter.

Dinner:  4 oz beef, 1C carrots, salad, olive oil and vinegar, 1t butter, decaf with cream.

Today, instead of seeking more dubious pleasure in food, I will pull weeds in the sunshine, and enjoy spending time with my family.  That's better than a silly old roll any day.

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