Monday, March 11, 2013

Fat Release Day 3: Cravings Gone!

  Whew, woke up this morning feeling confident again.  It helps that the sun is shining and the birds are singing outside my window.  It's also probably no coincidence that I feel so good since I was sugar and flour free yesterday, and I spent 3 hours happily weeding the front yard.  All the crab grass is gone from around the lovely spring flowers that are getting ready to bud and bloom here.

     I've been seeing a pattern since January where I feel empowered and craving free during the work week, but the obsessive food thoughts come back on the weekend.  The afternoon and evening hours make me nervous when it comes to the risk of overeating.  I have rarely dived in to a bag, box, or carton of anything worrisome before Noon.  So today I want to look at why the weekend is such an issue.

     The facts are pretty simple.  Monday through Thursday evening I teach Zumba, TT, or Jazz.  I love teaching these classes and I want to give them my best.  I see that when other people are involved, in this case my students, I can manage my behavior.  When the only person who will benefit from my good behavior is me, my food desires have a much better chance of taking over my actions.

     What is up with this?  I go back and forth between the idea that all cravings are driven by chemistry.  For example some of the time I believe that all overeating is driven by the dance between sugar, insulin, and leptin.  But then I step back and look at my actual behavior, and I see that I have better self-management when my actions are likely to affect "The Group."  So I see that my appetite is affected not just by what, when, and how much I eat, but by what I think and do as well.

Now for today's menu.  Last week sugar free chocolate was part of the plan.  That did not go well.

Breakfast:  Coffee, raw cream, 2 eggs, 3 strips bacon, cabbage cooked in ghee.  Fish oil and multivitamin.

Lunch:  4 oz. grass fed beef, mixed green salad, broccolini, olive oil dressing, 1t Kerrygold butter.

Dinner: Grass fed ground beef, cauliflower, salad, olive oil and vinegar dressing, 1t Kerrygold butter.

8- 8 oz glasses of water.

If I can maintain this feeling of calm happiness throughout the day, what a blessing that would be!

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