Thursday, March 14, 2013

When Calories Are Down But Weight Is Up

Does this sound familiar?

You've planned and tracked your meals for the day.  You've followed your plan, plus, you've had an amazing session at the gym where you've taken your intensity to the next level.  It's morning and you feel great, maybe a little sore from that excellent training session, but great overall.

You step on the scale and you've gained weight.

Ugh! This scenario makes me so deeply frustrated, I want to pull my hair out.  It's not fair, not fair, not fair!  I'm going to show the diet gods what jerks they are by going on a feeding rampage.

Actually, no I'm not going to do that.

That was me on the scale this morning, and I simply ate my planned breakfast, taught my Zumba Gold class, then came home and had a healthy satisfying lunch.  I'm eating more vegetables today, and I'm having less of my soy free mayo, but I'm sticking with the plan.

If you're on a fat release journey there will be days like this.  The solution is to have gauges and measures of your progress that have nothing to do with the scale.  As you release fat your body composition changes and you may become heavier instead of lighter on any given day.

I have decided to look in the mirror and like at least something I see in it every day.  Today, I like my shoulders.  I probably like them because I did 50 pushups yesterday.  (No, not in a row, but still.)  I have decided to be proud of my actions instead of only being proud of a specific result.  This idea is not new.  It's simply a choice that comes with a growing sense of patience and maturity.  My inner teen may be alive and well and throwing a fit, but I have a plan and follow it in spite of her anger.

This is day six, and I have stayed true to my convictions.  There is a little bubble of happiness in me that grows larger with each day that I am faithful to myself.  In place of weight loss, this feeling will do just fine thank you.

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