Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Lose the Last Ten Pounds

     I did it.  Over the past 30 days I got below my wedding weight and I've managed to stay there through Easter celebrations, and my son's birthday sleepover.  Wow, talk about a nutritional danger zone: pizza, chips, candy, and one insanely huge chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Gah!

     Did I eat some?  Um, yeah- I got angry about something, or annoyed, I can't even really put my finger on it...  party stress?  So I got into the cake.  Thank goodness it's been divided up, given away, or well hidden, but it's gone.  Yesterday, I got right back on the wagon eating vegetables, eggs, organic meat, and healthy fats.  This morning the scale still read 125.  Thank goodness I didn't blow all the progress I've made recently.  On Friday, I established my goal weight at Weight Watchers, and I've got less than ten pounds to go.

     So is there any difference between the last ten pounds and the first ten pounds of fat release?  I actually think they're very similar.  To start releasing fat we have to change our behavior enough to get the ball rolling.  Honestly, I am still up in the air about the whole "A Calorie Is A Calorie" question, but the fact is that when I get off of sugar and grains I seem to eat less.  It's like this:

     By changing what I eat, I am able to change how much I eat.

     This realization is probably one of the most helpful I can offer.  Please take a moment and think about what it means for you.

     What are the foods that nourish and satisfy you without over stimulating your appetite?

     For the past three years, I've been observing the behavior that leads to fat release in myself, my clients, my friends, and my family, and success comes with finding foods that satisfy in sensible amounts.  How does this apply to releasing the last five or ten ponds of fat?  I've come to realize that the the closer you get to your goal, the more closely you have to stick to your personal power foods.  The 80/20 rule of eating right (for you)  eighty percent of the time needs to switch to 90/10- or even 95/5.  The cheat monster has to be overcome to reach the prize of your goal.  Between now and 117, I will be sharing the steps I'm taking to stay true to my goal.  I will also be writing about how I came to that number and why it's important.

     The truth is that body weight, especially for women, is a loaded subject.  I justify my journey by saying, "I'm a Personal Trainer, I need to be lean."  The question is, "How lean, and why?"

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