Friday, April 12, 2013

Turbulence Training Before and After Photos

     As promised, I'm posting my latest before and afters, and frankly, I don't see that much of a difference.  What an eye opener.  I guess the whole point of losing the last five or ten pounds is not so much how it will make you look, but how it will make you feel about yourself.

     I do feel more confident, and I can do more close grip push-ups in a row than I could in January.  I think the greatest benefit I've received from the past four months of effort is more skill at teaching the Turbulence Training method.  It really is true that 30 minutes two or three times a week can bring real results, although I'm seeing them more in my students now than in my own figure.  It looks like it's time to move on from my overly intense focus on my physique, and pay more attention to passing on what I've learned.

     That brings me back to the question of how to lose the last ten pounds.  If there is anything that have hindered my progress over the past four months, it is the willingness to put aside my best eating behavior for the pleasure of the moment.  Sometimes it's not even a matter of pleasure, but of distraction or avoidance.  On the weekends when I don't have classes to teach, I turn to problem foods to fill up the empty spaces in the days or evenings.  What is the solution to ending this behavior?  It is learning to choose something besides food when I want to feel better.

     To lose the last ten pounds you will need to pick something besides eating when you want a pick me up.  Two of the things I enjoy are drawing and playing music.  For the next two weeks I am making myself the promise that when I'm tempted to ease boredom or any other uncomfortable feeling, I'll sit down at the piano or grab my sketch pad instead.  If you're going after the last ten pounds, I'd like to encourage you to pick two things you'd rather be doing than eating, and try doing them when the nagging little cravings hit.

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