Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Before, After, Still


If you go to the web address  above, you will be directed to the opt-in page for the Home Workout Revolution Live Cast on Sunday, May 19th.  I am so excited to announce that I will be joining Craig Ballantyne in Denver for this presentation that will be full of motivation and inspiration for anyone who wants to build their best body ever.

We'll have demonstrations, success stories, and I promise to share the very best of what I've learned about physical and personal transformation.  I spent years dieting and going to gyms only to get small results that never lasted for long.  All that changed in 2008 when I discovered Craig's work.  This Sunday you will get to see and decide for yourself whether the Home Workout Revolution is the real deal for getting a great physique.

Just two hours ago I was at Gordon Studio teaching the "Mean 15" from HWR to my students.  They rocked it, and I'll share the session with you here.

The warm-up consisted of:

10 Prisoner Squats
8 Prisoner Lunges- 1 one on each side =1 rep.
10 Legs swings/side
 WLYI Shoulder warm up
Repeat entire warm up set 1 time.

 Mean 15:  TBE (Total Body Extension) 10 reps
                   Dumb Bell Row 10/side
                    Cross Body Mountain Climber- 15/side
                    Burpee-5 reps
                    Jumping Jacks- 15

 Repeat the entire sequence as many times as possible for 15 minutes, followed by a total body stretch and cool down.

This workout is slightly modified from the one in Home Workout Revolution in order to match my student's abilities.  I am so impressed by the way my students go after a training session like this with enthusiasm and gusto.  They liked the way this workout revved them up, made them sweat, and trained their figures.  If you want to see live demonstrations of this training style, please be sure to join us on Sunday.

By the way, the three photos you see here are meant to demonstrate the "Before, After, and Still"  concept of transformation.  What good is a figure transformation if you lose the muscle and gain the fat back after a year?  I keep eating right, teaching, and training with HWR so that I can maintain my results year after year.  I believe you can do it too.

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  1. I am missing Turbo Training today but I will get this workout in today. Thanks for posting it in your blog!


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