Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things Are Going to Get Weird?

Here is an e-mail I got from my mentor Craig Ballantyne this morning:

In less than 12 hours things are going to get weird.
Well, maybe not weird...but definitely different. 
I'm going to be working out with you LIVE...and you can follow-along at home. You'll get to do three of my 4-minute miracle bodyweight workouts with me, my #1 client - Catherine Gordon, and my Tough Mudder racing partner, Jeff Schneider. 
You can get FREE access to this live event PLUS another 4-minute miracle follow along workout for your abs here:
NOTE: The event is only free when it's live. It will cost you money to watch the replay. No exceptions. Sorry.
But the good news is that when you join us today, you'll get all of those workouts for free and you'll get to meet some pretty cool people from the Turbulence Training community.
(I even have a very special guest nutrition expert coming on to share his proven strategies for getting lean and ripped fast.)
Don't miss this one-of-a-kind incredibly unique event today.
This is going to be really, really cool and different.
Well, (This is Catherine again by the way) I'm pretty sure I can deliver on the weird, cool, and different part.  At least I hope I'll be cool.  What I may be is sweaty.

So here I sit at my laptop with my makeup done waiting for my nails to dry.  Gosh, I hope I can keep up with Craig and Jeff.

Hey wait a minute, of course I can keep up, and you can too.  My specialty at Gordon Studio is the ability to choose and teach modifications that suit my students' level of ability.  I realize that if I'm nervous about training live with Craig after five years of studying Turbulence Training, any one new to TT or The Home Workout Revolution would be nervous too.  Luckily, you'll get to to see the solution in a few hours for free on the web.  Seriously, if you doctor says you're healthy enough for exercise, you can do TT and HWR.  My goal as I go into the Livecast is to show you how "doable," effective, and fun HWR can be.

Yes, I said fun.  Look, I was not a gifted natural athlete as a kid.  I was slow, weak, and I had no staying power.  For years I went to gyms and tried to "get it"  it  being the secret to getting lean and strong.  It wasn't until I found TT at the age of almost 44 that I discovered the truth about how to train for the body of my dreams.  Is my figure perfect?  No indeed, but it allows me to live the life I've always wanted, so I guess it's perfect for me.

I sure hope you can join us for the Livecast.  Bring on the weird...and the fun.

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