Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Powerful Tool For Achieving Your Fat Loss Goal


So the scale read 122 this morning, and I'm back in my optimal range for the first time in more than two years.

Yesterday morning, Van, Colin, my young assistant Meghan, and I headed down to start shooting the follow along videos for the Six Week Bodylift program.  I started with two beginner training sessions, but videos three and four were barbell and dumbell complexes, and the db complex was followed by a TBE/ Burpee 5x5 interval.  Oh dear, after that one I was cooked!  My husband gently suggested that we should bring Melanie (finalist- women under 40 TT contest #15) in to share some of the demonstrating, so I wouldn't be out of breath.  I gritted my teeth, smiled, and admitted that would be a good idea.  Besides, I had already asked her to join us for our next shooting day on Friday the 6th.  (What I was thinking was, "You get down here and do this without breathing hard!"  But I digress.)

Afterward, the voice in my head started to tempt me to go out to dinner, drink wine, and have some treats as a reward for my hard work.

I honestly don't know where I found my resolve, but I knew in my heart that if I just stuck to my eating plan, the rewards would be greater than any feeling a glass of wine could give me.

That night, my son went skating with his friends, and Van and I watched 2 episodes of "Breaking Bad" (First season, netflix) My eating reward?  A reasonable handful of raw almonds.

So by digging down deep for intensity and form on the videos, and staying true to my eating plan, I arrived safely at my destination: Goal Range!

When friends and family, students and acquaintances ask, "How do you get the body you want and keep it?", I take the question very seriously.  As someone who was won her ideal figure, lost it, and won it back, I am passionate about discovering the answer.  Today, I'm going to say this: The Key to Permanent Fat Loss is this: Resolve in the moment.

We are all familiar with resolutions about fat loss.  We make these resolutions at the New Year, in Spring, at the beginning of Summer, two weeks before vacation, and that's all well and good.  I believe that resolve is more powerful than resolutions.  Resolve is an element of strong character that allows you to choose wisely and well in the moment when you are faced with temptation.  This is the moment when you choose between your fondest dreams... and pleasure, or relief, or numbness, or forgetting.  Last night, when I wanted that glass of wine, what I wanted it to give me was rest, and a pat on the back for a job well done.

I had the incredible good fortune, in that moment, to use resolve to help me choose a different source of rest and validation.  (I don't know how restful watching Breaking Bad was, but I did have the pleasure of watching Bryan Cranston play Walt: what an astonishing actor Mr. Cranston is.)  For validation, all I had to do was turn to Van.

To put the tool of resolve into practical terms, establish a plan for how you will eat.  Don't cut calories too hard, and choose foods that satisfy you.  Then, when the impulse to overeat or eat out of bounds comes up, breathe-
and reach out for your resolve to stay true to the path you've chosen: the path to transformation.

It is so worth it to honor your own intentions.  I can't think of a better way to say it.

You are capable of reaching your goals, by finding the right tools, and learning to use them.

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