Friday, June 21, 2013

Nominated For Trainer Of The Year- Wow!

With TT Trainer of the Year Nominee Brian Kalakay CTT
I should have known that Lesa, Craig Ballantyne's beautiful assistant and head of customer service at Turbulence Training had something up here sleeve when she sent me a list of very important questions to answer for the TT Summit Manual.

I arrived in sunny San Diego yesterday, and after a great lunch in the Gaslamp quarter with my sister Mary, CTT Brian Kalakay, and his darling girlfriend Kristin, and a fantastic afternoon by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel, I was ready to get into Summit Mode and go register.  I got up to my room and started to devour my conference materials, when I came across this heading:

TT Trainer Of The Year

It's no surprise that I see Brian Kalakay's name on the facing page.  Several of my students at Gordon Studio are fans of Brian.  He owns a gym in LaPeer, Michigan where he is changing lives every day with TT.  What's more, he filmed over 100 demonstration videos with Craig Ballantyne and TT Trainer of the year Mike Whitfield, and he created the Bootcamp Games System that brings excitement, fun, and results to trainers and fitness enthusiasts across the country, and the world.  I'm not even in Brian's league, but I admit there was a part of me that hoped I might be nominated.

I turned the page in the manual, and there it was:

Finalist - Catherine Gordon

Wahoo!  Now here's a little "Secret" "Law of Attraction" advice for you: Intentions are powerful!  Last year at the TT Summit, when Mike Whitfield was awarded Trainer of the Year, I turned to CTT Kerry Zalanka and flippantly said,  "I'm going to be trainer of the year next year."

That was kind of obnoxious, because I hadn't even finished my certification yet.  Even so, last year's summit lit a fire under me.  I finished my TT certification, opened the studio, and thanks to the success of clients like Sandra, Melanie, Melinda, Sarah, and all of the incredible women and a few men who have joined Gordon Studio, I am nominated along with Brian and CTT Daniel Woodrum.  (Can't wait to meet him by the way.)

So to all of my readers and students, I want to ask you: what do you really want in the coming year, and what could you achieve if you gave it your all?  Take some time to sit quietly and listen for the inner voice that will encourage you to grow farther in your current direction.  Maybe that voice will tell you to take a new road that makes your heart leap with excitement.  One thing I know is that it's a lot easier to make your dreams come true when you eat food that nourishes and satisfies you, and you move in away that makes you stronger and more vibrant.

Once again, to everyone who trains at Gordon Studio- you made this nomination happen, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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