Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sugar Freedom: What To Do After a Slip

CTT Catherine Gordon says, "Stay in the game!"
Ask me and I'll tell you, eliminating sugar and grains from my diet has made me lean at last.  When I'm eating the foods that satisfy me, in the right amounts, I feel energized and full of enthusiasm for life and work.  It's as if by leaving sugar and grains out, I'm able to let success and happiness in.

There's just one problem.  When life gets really exciting, it also gets scary, and when I get scared sugar, starches, and anything that comes in a shiny wrapper, a pretty box, or a frozen carton starts to look very, very, good.

Do you catch my drift?  Do you know what I mean?  Have you been there?

Please let me share with you what happened last night.  Wait, no, to give you the full benefit of understanding what happened, we need to start with breakfast.

Yesterday was a busy, exciting day.  Normally, I would start such a day with my favorite big breakfast:

2 organic pastured eggs, 2 strips of uncured bacon, 2 cups of mixed vegetables cooked in 1T coconut oil, seasoned with organic ginger, turmeric, and iodized sea salt, 1/4 avocado, 2T salsa.

This breakfast is huge, and it keeps me powered up until lunchtime, no matter how many classes I teach or errands I run.

Sadly, I didn't eat that breakfast yesterday.  Why?  Besides my usual 8AM Turbulence Training class, I had a phone interview about physical transformation, and my Weight Watchers weigh in.  I did eat two small hard boiled eggs at 6:30AM.

That was all I ate until after my weigh in at 11AM.

I'll bet you can see where this is going.  By lunch at 11:30 I was frantic and starving, but I stuck to my planned menu.  The problem was what happened in the evening.

I hadn't intended to have a snack after my evening TT class, but when I got home I opened the door and the television was blaring (at least to my ears).  I asked my husband and son, "Do you know how loud that is?"  In their defense, it was the climax of the scene they were watching, and hey, they weren't expecting me that soon.

In that moment I made a choice.  I thought, "I'm tired and annoyed, and I sound like a shrew... I'm going to eat."

It started with cheese, then avocado, a protein bar (Tastes like candy!), some beef jerky, Weight Watchers Pecan Chips (Don't ask), 2T of peanut butter, and finally- drumroll please:
Colin's left over cherries jubilee ice cream- which he had specifically asked me not to eat.

Cue the sound of evil laughter.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, yesterday, I had stepped on the scale and I had finally seen 123- the top weight of my ultimate goal range.

To sum up:  Success freaked me out, I didn't eat enough, and I used annoyance at my family as an excuse to go wild in the kitchen.

What is it about reaching a cherished goal that sends us reeling?  My best answer is that success comes with responsibilities, and it can create new expectations in ourselves, as well as from others. This is a good place to recommend an excellent book: "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks.  He offers good techniques for keeping your equilibrium when you reach new heights.

Now, back to the solution I offered in the title of this post.

What should you do after a slip?

1. Drink plenty of water.

Sugary, salty carbs are notorious for causing water retention, so drink up to help flush it out.

2. Stick to your training routine.

Hey, if you're in a calorie surplus, why not use it to grow some beautiful muscle?  Plus, if you've been training with resistance, some of those carbs went right to muscle development, so the news isn't all bad.
3.  Get Right Back To Eating Well.

This is probably the most important point.  If you're like me, it's a bad idea to try to over- restrict your eating the day after a carb slip.  Plan and prepare plenty of satisfying food like green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus with pastured butter or organic coconut oil for flavor.  Get some high quality protein- also for high satiety, and include whatever foods you know fill you up, without waking the trigger monster, from your personal experience.  Finally, re-establish good food behavior like sitting down while you eat, and only eating at planned meal and snack times.

2013 has been a fantastic year of goals met and dreams come true, in spite of the fact that I've messed up my eating and thinking a bunch of times.  Sure, perfect behavior might have helped those dreams come true faster, but the joy of it is that they came true at all!

So bottom line: If you slip, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. Don't quit no matter what when it comes to the dreams and goals that truly sing to you.  Stay in the game, and
you will achieve them anyway.

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