Monday, August 26, 2013

Turbulence Training Transformation Results

Ever since the Rim Fire started on August 17th, all of us in Tuolumne County have been focused on following the progress of the fire,  doing what we can to help friends who have evacuated, and support firefighters, law enforcement, and volunteers.

Melanie Hurst, who was a finalist in the 15th. TT Transformation Contest, has been actively involved in the transport and sheltering of animals who have lost their pens and pastures.  Meghan P., one of our TT regulars, has spent hours volunteering at the Red Cross shelter at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds, and Gordon Studio will be donating the money we get from the sale of bottled water to the local Red Cross.

In the middle of this crisis, Kim H. was named the Runner-Up in the Women Over 40 category of the 17th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, and I wanted to post my congratulations to her here, especially as it is time for me to stop obsessing over the fire on Facebook.
So proud of Kim H.!
She and Peggy S., who was a finalist in the same category, had two very important strategies in common.  They both chose an eating strategy they could stick with over the entire 12 week challenge, and they trained safely, consistently, and with focus and dedication.  We're they perfect?  I'll have to ask, but I know that they were smart.

Another TT Transformation Contest starts on September 1st, and I can't wait to see who's next.

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