Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Solution For Fat Loss Over 40

Default Bodyweight 400

 This is a class favorite at Gordon Studio:

Warm Up:
Y-Squat- 10
Arm Crosses-10 per side
Prisoner Lunge-8 per side
Mountain Climber- 10 per side
Leg Swing- 10 per side

Rest 30 seconds

400 Challenge:

25 Jumping Jacks
25 Body Weight Squats
25 Push Ups
25 Total Body Extensions

Rest one minute and repeat 3 times for a total of four rounds (400 reps total).

We got through it quickly enough on Friday that I added this incredibly simple finisher:
Cross Body Mountain Climbers: 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off for 4 rounds.

Total Body Stretch

With modifications this can be done by all fitness levels, and they feel incredibly empowered afterward.

With TT we can actually get our students to astonish themselves with their own abilities, and when they feel great, junk food loses a lot of its appeal.

One of my students, Dody, reached her goal weight of 145 pounds last week- down from 161. She said that she wasn't really aware that it was happening. She knew her pants were looser- a lot looser, but that the 145 on the scale was a shock.

Been there! When I got back to 122 after Vegas I was thinking, "How did that happen?"

Simple- total commitment to Sugar Freedom, no cardio except walking, and TT.

After I met with my fitness colleagues in Las Vegas, I made a promise to myself that I would eat, train, and teach in a way that I know to be consistent with the best current science, and with my experience, and that of the most successful trainers and coaches I can study.

I realized that I had to answer and act on this question once and for all:

Do you want to teach what is popular, or do you want to teach what works?

Two years ago, I made a choice to teach what was popular, and I lost the body of my dreams when I slowly but surely re-gained 15 pounds over the course of the following year.

I don't think it's coincidence that I finally got my weight back to  goal range after I took a break from the cardio/aerobic classes I had been teaching.

My transformation happened after age 40, and what I have to accept once and for all is that, for someone like me who is susceptible to obesity, steady state, moderate intensity cardio sessions that last an hour or more are simply not an option if I want to maintain my fat loss.

The proof is right in front of me when I see my Turbulence Training students get leaner, stronger, and dare I say it, great looking bodies week by week.

Women in their teens, twenties, and early thirties may be able to cut their calories to the bone and do as much cardio as they want, but I have to accept that at almost age 50, I can't.  

So with patience, good technique, and the right eating strategy for your body, you a can get to your goal weight after 40 and beyond.  And the best news is that that you can enjoy the journey.
Speaking of 50, my friend and colleague Shawna is that age, and her challenge burpee program is right in line with what I know to be effective:  You can check out her training program by clicking this link:
Shawna at 50: Amazing!

Monday, September 23, 2013

99 Days of Sugar Freedom

Two days ago, I got hit in the head and fell off the wagon.

My son and I had just arrived home from the grocery store, and he was demonstrating how he was tall enough to reach the top of the hatch on my car.  The demonstration included pulling the hatch down, and without thinking I bent down and went to pull a bag of groceries out of back.

Bang.  Ouch.  I ended up with a egg on my head that I can still feel this morning.

At any rate, later that evening my son and husband went to a football game, and I used my aching head as an excuse to get into the ice cream, the chocolate, and the warm flour tortillas with peanut butter.

It was a train wreck.

I suppose I should have known this was coming, because last week I got within 4 pounds of my ultimate goal weight.  You would think that if I was strong enough to resist sugar in Las Vegas, that I would be able to spend an evening home alone without raiding the snack cupboards.

But no, I was alone and the voice in my head got to talking about just a little just this once, and I'l get right back on the wagon in the morning.

That probably would have worked out fine if I was a normal person, but thank goodness, I'm not normal.

You see the next morning I didn't just wake up bloated and disappointed in myself.  My head ached, my joints hurt, and most worrisome of all, my fasting blood sugar was right back up in the pre-diabetic range.

Thank goodness.

Why am I grateful for the consequences of my sugar trip?  There is a belief in fitness circles that cheat meals and cheat days are helpful in creating fat loss and lean bodies.  The theory is that the mechanism at work is an increase in leptin and insulin which is thought to re-set metabolism at a higher level.

People I trust and respect attest that this technique has enabled them to get leaner than they would have been able to become without it.

How nice it would be to indulge in any food I thought I wanted once a week, and get leaner to boot!

 But  my experience over the past five years since I reached my goal weight, is that the consequences of "cheat day" are simply too severe to make up for the pain I experience during the aftermath.

Am I being too dramatic?  I don't think so.

I think that the biggest challenge that we face once we've lost a great deal of weight and kept it off for a long time, is the assumption that now that we look like naturally slender people, we should be able to eat like them too.

Oh well.  My husband has a saying:  "Sometimes you have to fall off the wagon and give it a push."

This morning, September 23rd, is the 266th day of the year.  There are 99 days left in 2013, and I am going to use them to complete the one task that would finally free up my energy and creativity for everything else I want to create in 2014.

So today I am embarking on 99 days of Sugar Freedom.  What does that mean exactly?  It's really quite simple: no sugar, grains, or processed vegetable oils.  I also have trouble with high sugar fruits, nuts, and cheese, but I will enjoy them on special occasions like holidays.

All change starts with a choice.  You can choose to reach your goals by changing your behavior, and sticking with that behavior until your goal is achieved.

 If I'm right about Sugar Freedom, and what it can do in terms of fat loss, now is the time to put my diet where my mouth is and prove it once and for all.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Get The Follow along Videos that Will Transform Your Body!

Hello students and fans of Gordon Studio, and BeautyBuilding readers.

  Here is the link to Mike Whitfield's Workout Finishers program.  He is a Certified Turbulence Trainer who lost more than 100 pounds, and kept it off for years.  He was also Trainer of the Year last year. 

 So I didn't just take his crown, I regularly steal his workout finishers to use in TT class.  

You know those wild rounds of exercises we do right before we stretch?  The crazy effective ones?  You can get tons of them by clicking the link at the end of this blog post.

Here's how effective Mike's programs are:

Mike has entered 6 of his private clients into Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Transformation Contest and ALL 6 clients won or placed, even with thousands of people voting.

And they did it with ZERO cardio.

Their secret weapon was Mikey's "finishers".

So don't be surprised when you find yourself with NEW definition in muscles you haven't seen before after trying these bad boys.

That's what finishers will do. Especially when you bring your body a unique stimulus like this.

Here's the bottom line. I wouldn't recommend this program if I didn't believe in what Mike creates and does.

Just go look at Mike's own before/after photos on his new page and you'll instantly see why he's so passionate about getting you in shape. 

Yes, I know, here at Gordon Studio were going after Mike's record of 6 clients placing in the TT contest.  Wouldn't it be fun to beat him with his own workout finishers?

(Please note that the link  right below is an affiliate link that earns me a commission if you decide to buy.  But even if you don't choose to buy the program, check out the before and afters- notice the smaller waistlines on the ladies.  Plus, this is fantastic program for guys who can't make it in to Gordon Studio in person.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Lose Weight When You Travel

Adventures in Sugar Freedom
If you're new to BeautyBuilding, welcome!  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know it's dedicated to helping you build your authentic ideal body, and keep it for good.

One of the biggest challenges of weight maintenance is learning how to eat when you're out of your usual habitat.  After all, one of the most  powerful keys to permanent fat loss is learning how to cook healthy, satisfying food for yourself and your family, and generally home cooking has to happen at home.

It's not boasting when I say that I have my food and cooking plan dialed in.  Typically, I make my big pan of vegetables in the morning, I make sure I have lettuce washed and ready for my mid-day salad, and I make sure I have a healthy protein source ready to go at any time.  It's no fun to have to thaw and cook a chicken when you're already hungry.

This is, to put it simply, is the discipline of permanent fat loss: to be willing to prepare for success.

Traveling for work or vacation is a different story though, isn't it?

One of the perks of travel is that someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning up afterward, right?  One of the problems is that the food on offer is typically part of the Standard American Diet:  Lots of grains, conventionally raised meat, salty snack foods that are full of soybean oil, and sweets.

Even at the breakfast buffet for the meeting of fitness professionals I attended last week, the first foods I encountered were big baskets of bagels and pastries.  My new friend Adriana turned to me and said, "Why does this have to be the first thing we see?"  This being the "Carbage."  (Thanks for making up that word Jimmy Moore.)

I suppose that one solution would be to book a room with a kitchen, go shopping, and just keep cookin', but what if you need a break from that, or what if you're having working lunches?

I'd like to offer a few of my travel friendly foods, and a few tips to help you make wise choices at restaurants, buffets, and even airports.

My travel friendly favorites are:
Organic Granny Smith Apples
Raw Almonds
and Organic Beef Jerky

These three items can go in your suitcase or carry on, and the three different textures and flavors are very satisfying.  I have literally made a mini meal of these three foods, and tumbled into bed after a long work day- especially if that workday involves learning new workouts and fitness techniques.

So now that we know you won't starve, what should you pick at the restaurant of buffet?  Let's keep it simple shall we?  Although breakfast is often a carb fest on the road, there are usually some whole foods like eggs, bacon, and fruit available.  At lunch, eat a big salad for the fiber and nutrients the leafy greens will give you, and at dinner- if you focus on the pleasure of the location, or the opportunity to grow professionally, you really don't have to eat dessert.

If you're like me and you don't eat sugar but you love cheese, ask for it instead.  At steakhouses in particular, cheese for dessert is definitely in style.

The simple foundation of the Sugar Freedom Diet on the road is:  Vegetables cooked in butter, Salads dressed in olive oil and vinegar, simply prepared meats of the best quality you can find, whole fruits, and some full fat dairy if it agrees with you.

Ten years ago, it would have been hard to eat this way when traveling, especially at airports without a full service restaurant.  Today, whole items like fruit, eggs, and vegetables are pricey- but at least they're available at airport food courts and convenience stores.

I hope these eating tips help, because five extra pounds of travel bloat is not my idea of a charming souvenir.  I lost two pounds of fat in Las Vegas last week.  That helped to make up for losing some money in the casino.  Oh well.  That's entertainment!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sugar For Happiness

Boring?  Or simple and satisfying?

This was yesterday's menu:

On Awakening: 1 cup warm water with the juice of 1/2 lemon.  (A few drops of liquid stevia to take the sour edge off.)

Breakfast: Coffee with Raw Cream, 2 eggs, 2 strips nitrite free bacon, 1 cup mixed sauteed vegetables cooked in coconut oil.

Lunch:  Chicken "Sandwich" with cabbage leaves instead of bread, with home-made sandwich spread, and 1 cup sauteed vegetables left over from breakfast.

Dinner:  Chicken thigh, leftover mixed vegetables from breakfast.

Notice how simple this menu is.  On of the beneficial side effects of eating Sugar Freedom style is that it significantly reduces appetite.  One of the arguments against low carb dieting that I've heard before is that it only works because the food is so boring.

Let's take a look at that statement.  Yes, chicken and vegetables at two meals in a row does sound boring, but on the Three Day Sugar Strike the entire point is to decrease appetite and food cravings with a simple, sugar and grain free menu.  The food I ate yesterday left me feeling satisfied, energized, and ready to take on the tasks of the day.  If I had eaten a scone with jam for breakfast, I promise you, I would have spent the entire day obsessing over where and when I was going to get my next scone!
Yummy Sauce!

Science break:  By the way, my powerful carb cravings wouldn't be all in my head either.  For those of us who are carb sensitive, sugar and grains trigger the release of brain chemicals that create a drug like rush.  This is the rush and high I would be chasing all day long if I ate a breakfast as simple as a typical "healthy" boxed cereal.

Over the past five years of having the incredible privilege of living in the body I always wanted, it has become more and more obvious to me that I'd rather be healthy, happy, and like what I see in the mirror, than eat the way everyone else does.

I'll trade sugar for happiness any day, and be grateful for the chance to do so!

P.S.  The yummy sauce is 1T home made mayo, 1T mustard, and 2T organic salsa.  Mix it up, and either spoon it into the cabbage leaf, or just dip the wrap in the sauce.  It's better than any "Secret Sauce" I've ever had at burger joint!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mushroom Diet?

What a relief.  I admit I've had some trepidation about coming out with the Sugar Freedom Diet, but now that I read that "The Mushroom Diet" is the latest celebrity fat loss secret (internet sources claim that Katy Perry and Kelly Osborne are fans) "Sugar Freedom" sounds as sensible and pedestrian as "My Plate" from the USDA.

Today, as a matter of fact, I am following the "Three Day Sugar Strike" to get ready for an upcoming trip to LaS Vegas.  After that, I will be following the "Sugar Freedom Diet" for four weeks in order to put my food where my mouth is, so to speak.

I must admit that "SFD" does have something in common with the Mushroom Diet, and that is that we are replacing  something with vegetables.  On the mushroom diet, one meal a day is just mushrooms. (Oh boy!)   On "SF" all non starchy vegetables help replace sugar, grains, and starchy carbs.

The simple truth is that vegetables contain fiber, and water, and they are nutritionally dense while being low in calories.  Whether you believe that the "Calories in, calories out" theory explains successful fat loss, or that you agree with me that fat loss is most reliable when we eat foods that don't trigger a powerful insulin response plus cravings, vegetables let us have it both ways.

Of course I'm not just eating vegetables, and I'll be blogging my menu for the next 31 days for the sake of honesty, accountability, and a real record of what works.  Here goes:

On Awakening: 1 cup warm water with the juice of 1/2 lemon.  (A few drops of liquid stevia to take the sour edge off.)

Breakfast: Coffee with Raw Cream, 2 eggs, 2 strips nitrite free bacon, 1 cup mixed sauteed vegetables cooked in coconut oil.

Lunch:  Organic turkey breast wrapped in cabbage leaves with home-made mayonnaise, and 1 cup sauteed vegetables left over from breakfast.

Dinner:  Chicken thigh, large mixed green salad with tomatoes, bell pepper, and home made vinaigrette, celery sticks with home made mayonnaise.

As you can see, this menu is very simple, but the best part is how satisfying it is.  The natural fats in this meal plan help keep me full, and they give me energy all day long.  After three days on what is, I admit, a significantly restricted diet, fruit, nuts, and cheese in reasonable amounts get added back in.

One of the best parts is that the simplicity of the "Sugar Strike" makes the fruit, nuts, and cheese taste especially good.  Plus, I will be demonstrating how easy it is to stay true to this food plan when traveling.

On a philosophical note, you're ready to try Sugar Freedom when you realize that there is a whole world of pleasure out there to experience that has nothing to do with snacking!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Turbulence Training on Sale!

Dear Readers,

I wanted you to know that TT 2.0 is on sale through today, Friday, September 6th.  I am so grateful to all of you who have bought the program through my link:


        Click Here!

Here at Gordon Studio, we continue to be astonished at how rapidly you can get results with just three 30 minute training sessions a week.

I tell my students that it is important to learn to train at home, away on business, and on vacation as well.  (Although I do recommend a training break every 8-12 weeks.)

There is simply no other program that can do what 

        TT 2.0 can do for you in this regard.

Five years and two certifications after my own transformation, I am becoming an expert in helping my clients achieve the same- or even better results.

This program that is being offered to you today contains everything that helps us get results and more.  Yes more, because you actually get to do the workouts with Craig and TT trainers Brain, Mike, and Shawna on video.

I admit, there is a good chance that you will be training with even more effort than you have to bring to my live TT classes at Gordon Studio!

Plus, if the program doesn't work for you for any reason, just return it for a full refund.

Here's to your transformation!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Best Program to Transform Your Body Now

All five of my students at Gordon Studio who entered the

        Turbulence Training Transformation Contests have made the finals, transformed their bodies by losing pounds and inches (especially off of the waist, hips, and thighs) and won cash.

So who's next?

The only thing that is more gratifying than finally figuring out how to lose weight and body fat for good, is being able to pass that knowledge on.

All of my clients and readers know that Turbulence Training is the program that helped me overcome obesity, get the body I always wanted, and then go on to become Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year, just nine months after opening my fitness studio.  Why?  Because 

        Turbulence Training works.

Now, TT has been so effective for me, my clients, and my husband Van too, that you might think I would never want it to change.  

But the truth is that Craig Ballantyne has continued to test, study, and research the latest techniques to get the best fat loss results safely, and in the shortest amount of time possible

I am so excited to announce that Craig Ballantyne has released 

        Turbulence Training 2.0.  In this new release you will find the workouts that helped five of my students win cash, while helping countless other friends, family members, and class participants make amazing improvements in body composition, self confidence, strength, and athletic ability.

Whether you are a beginner like I was back in 2008, or you need an advanced program like "Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks,"  you will find the perfect workout in TT 2.0.

Speaking of Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks, I used that exact program to help me get in the best shape of my life:
I never thought I would ever get abs and legs like these.  Thanks TT!
So now I want to encourage you to

        Click Here! and get the new and improved version of TT that will help you get results even faster.  If you're like my students you can drop two sizes or more in 12 weeks, by training for just 30 minutes three times a week.

Even if you train at Gordon Studio, I want to encourage you to get this program so that you can train at home with Craig, and learn all of the secrets that made my transformation possible.  

        Click Here to go to my affiliate page where you'll learn the shocking science that led to the latest update of TT.

Old fashioned, long, boring, painful cardio?  

Not in my studio!  

And never with TT.  Check it out.

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Get the Body You Always Wanted, and Keep It.

So what am I holding in the "Today" photo?

That is the "Agreement to Participate in  a Research Study And Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Information" that I received from the The Miriam Hospital Weight Control & Diabetes Research Center.

Also known as:  The National Weight Control Registry.

The registry was formed to study people who have been successful at weight and fat loss long term.  Long term success is defined by the registry as a loss of at least 30 pounds that has been maintained for at least one year.

They do ask for photos as documentation, so here are the other two pictures I will be sending to show my results:

I do hope that they accept me into the study, because I have made it my life's work to do what I can to pass along what I have learned to anyone else who wants to make a permanent fat loss transformation.

There is so much "Noise" and contradictory information in the news and on the internet these days that it can seem overwhelming and futile to sort through the different diets, exercise programs, and even surgical procedures to find what works for long term fat loss.

Here's just one example of the contradictions we see when it comes to weight loss.

Here is the intro to an article by Mary MacVean of the Los Angeles Times:

"Earlier this week, researchers reported that skipping breakfast was linked to heart disease. A few days later comes word that skipping breakfast could be a good weight-loss strategy because people don’t make up for all those calories later in the day.
Should we tear our hair out in frustration? Or cozy up to the scrambled eggs?"
Mac Vean goes on to interview the author of the Breakfast Skipping Study: David Levitsky, a Cornell professor of nutritional sciences and psychology and the senior author of the breakfast and calories study.  

In the study student volunteers skipped breakfast, and they ended up eating an average of 408 fewer calories over the course of the day.  According to the calorie balance theory of eat less, move more and lose weight, that would make skipping breakfast a good strategy to help combat our national obesity crisis.

Luckily, being a fine reporter, Ms. MacVean asks Mr. Levitsky this question:

"What about people who won the weight battle – keeping off at least 30 pounds for a year or more -- and are part of the National Weight Control Registry? They eat breakfast."
Levitsky replied:

“You’re talking about the exceptions,” Levitsky said. Those people are not like most people: They are more health-conscious, they exercise more, they’re extraordinarily watchful over what they eat. “It’s dangerous to extrapolate from them,” he said.  (The emphasis is mine.)

Dangerous?  He called us dangerous?  Seriously?

As an individual who has qualified for the National Weight Control Registry I am outraged at being called dangerous.

Ok, I admit, I'm a little bit flattered too.

There's something exciting about being thought dangerous, as if I was some kind of Femme Fatale or something.  But no, I'm just a formerly chubby kid and obese middle aged mom who wanted health, and yes beauty, so badly that she was willing to change her whole life in order to get it.

Is it dangerous to do exercise you enjoy for 30 minutes three times a week?  Is is dangerous to dance or do yoga for three more hours during the week because you love it and it makes you feel fantastic and energized?

Speaking of energized, is it dangerous to eat a breakfast of organic eggs and vegetables cooked in Kerrygold butter every day?

Is is dangerous to eliminate sugar and grains from my diet because they trigger binges, and I don't want to binge ever again?

It may be dangerous to extrapolate from what I do each day to stay lean, but if you want leanness, and vitality, and you want to feel like your ideal authentic self (rail thinness is not required to qualify), maybe you might want to try what has worked so brilliantly for me.

Here is my affiliate link for Turbulence Training

This is the program that fueled my transformation, and that I am using in the 18th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest to help my students at Gordon Studio to transform their bodies as well.  Far from being dangerous, the program is safe, smart, effective, and it can work for you too.