Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please Don't Try To Transform Your Body Without This.

How many times have I heard about this?  A friend embarks on a transformation journey by resolving to eat well and start a fitness training program.

They want results fast, so they push hard and start to spend extra hours in the gym.  On top of that they add more cardio, more reps, more weight until Bam!  The back tweaks, twinges, and then goes out completely.

Oh who am I kidding.  Whenever anyone writes about "A Friend" she's probably writing about herself too.  Yes, I've pulled my back out in the gym, and in yoga class.  Both times this happened in recent years the problem was this: I pushed to far without a proper warm up, and with bad form.

Shame on me, because by then I knew better.

The result for me, and for my friends who have sustained back injuries while training is that your fat loss and transformation goals get pushed back even farther.  I even know people who have given up on training for months or longer because of back pain.

Now, if you train with me at Gordon Studio, you've heard me say that I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, not a Physical Therapist, so my warm ups and techniques are meant to help you train safely, as opposed to giving you a therapy to heal injury.

The vital point is, that you must have a strategy for training safely in order to go all the way with your physical transformation, and to maintain the body you want for good.

Rick Kaselj M.S. made this video for me and my students at Gordon Studio to demonstrate a foundational movement for so much of the training we do.

Please give it a look, and if you want a total program for preventing and fixing back pain, please click on my affiliate link below for "Fix My Back Pain."  I have the program myself, and I've already learned so much about how to help my students get great form and keep training toward their goals.

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Protect Your Back and Train On!

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