Sunday, October 13, 2013

So Why Do You Blow Your Diet?

Default There is a part of you that resists change.

Why do we make progress, and then run away from the very goals that we set by overeating junk food, blowing off proper training and sleep, and allowing anger and frustration to take over our thinking?

As always, the answer is simple, but not easy to apply.

Change is frightening for the part of you that just wants to stay alive, and hopefully experience as much pleasure as it can.

From Aristotle to Emile Zola, great philosophers and writers have been exploring the difference between the drives that make our lives significant, and the urges that bring us crashing down.

The solution is to establish a structure for success, record it so that we can turn to it when instinct takes over, and then place reminders in our lives that lead us back to the path that we really want to be on.

In the video that my mentor Craig Ballantyne put up today on YouTube, that "Structure" is "The Four Pillars of Success."

The success structure that I envision is a bridge leading to the ideal world I want to live in and the ideal fully realized person I want to be. The paradox is that in order to fully enjoy your self realization, you have to behave as if you've already arrived in your ideal world.

And so you create that world from moment to moment, by starting your day with a plan that works for you.

Mine includes reading and writing down my eating intentions for the day as the very first thing I do after I've had a big glass of water and made my coffee. 

I do this every day so that I know when I'm drifting away from my intentions. This doesn't make me perfect- far from it, but it helps protect me from disaster most days.

Now that my work is in helping others transform, I see that we all have this inner teenager that wants to blow everything off and just feel good in the moment. 

There are good things about the inner teen. Mine loves music, clothes, jewelry, showing off, chocolate, chardonnay,credit cards, gambling, romance, Facebook, gossip magazines, you get the picture.

The inner teen wants to live life and experience it to the fullest. So much of the hard work we do goes toward being able to provide fun for this young person inside us. I have discovered that wine, sugar, and carbs, cause too much blowback to be worth indulging in, but there are so many ways to enjoy life that hurt less and that bring on fewer, if any regrets.

We get so busy, women and men alike, that we don't have enough Fun, and then the inner teen rebels and demands pleasure: Usually in the legal and easily obtained form of food.

The answer is more healthy pleasures and enjoyment in life- not less! These are found in art, sport, community involvement, and learning of every kind. Take up drawing, the guitar, archery, anything that will add enjoyment to your life that isn't junk food.

Years ago when I started Turbulence Training, I slowly came to realize that I had been performing "Junk Training" for years. Over the past five years, I've been learning to do without junk eating, thinking, and living as well. I am so far from this ideal person I dream of being, and yet I am the happiest I've ever been.

So today, start to build your structure by writing down some of your dreams, and your intentions for making them real.  It will hold you up, and take you where you want to go when you climb back on.

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  1. Bottom line, if you fall off track, give yourself a break and move forward. Don't forget to enjoy the view on your journey.


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