Friday, December 27, 2013

What Is The Best Way To Eat For Weight Loss?

The best way to eat for weight loss is to discover the foods that nourish and satisfy you without over-stimulating your appetite.  This allows you to eat until you’re comfortably full, and then get on with your life.

This begs the question: If it really is that simple, why is it so hard?

My answer is that there is a part of you, Freud called it the "id," Carl Sagan described it as the primitive brain, and I think of it as my "Inner Teenager," that wants you to forget everything you know about health, balance, and moderation so that it can have whatever it wants.

So not only do we have to discover the most satisfying foods, we have to develop a strategy to help us keep eating them.

Once we find the foods that serve our needs, we have to go a step further  and find ways to manage our eating behavior.  The primary basis of successful long term fat loss is a change in eating habits.  You must identify the eating habits that are making and keeping you fat, and then you need to change them.

Here is an example of an eating habit that has to change for permanent fat loss to take hold:

Many of the women I know who struggle with too much body fat eat a surprisingly small amount of food: especially by volume.  

Their taste buds and appetites seem to be turned off by simple unprocessed foods.  The idea of a spinach omelet, or even a dish of Greek yogurt with some fruit is so unappetizing to them that they skip breakfast completely, leaving them so hungry that they grab a donut in the office at 11AM, or they buy and devour a scone at Starbucks.

Then, the "Hit" they get from the sugary treat drives them to snack all day long.   Even worse, the manufactured yumminess of the commercially prepared snack ruins their appetite for simple, home-made food.   (Believe me, I’ve been there.  Once I would get the “Kick” from the sugar buzz, I would end up chasing that feeling by snacking until bedtime.)

Do you know any busy moms who feed their kids but forget to eat breakfast themselves?

 I sure do, and when you're out working, or volunteering, or running errands, highly processed nutrient-poor foods seem to be everywhere.  Case in point: what are candy bars doing at the checkout counter at the hardware store?  Making money for the company that owns the store that's what.

So to busy people everywhere I say:

Eat a nutrient dense breakfast of whole foods with plenty of healthy fat, moderate protein, and lots of fiber.  (And yes, that fiber can come from vegetables- it does not have to come from bread and cereal.)

I know, I can hear you now: "That sounds like boring food that is hard work to prepare."

  Maybe it is at first, but if you prepare and eat real food on a regular basis, your taste buds will re-awaken, your energy will increase, and your waistline will shrink because real food tends to be filling and anti-inflammatory.

So what if you do start to shop for and prepare your own real  food on a regular basis?  What happens when you start to lose weight, you get bored with your eating routine, and you start to hunt for scones again?

You need a written record of your fat loss strategy that you can turn to, in order to help you get your head on straight again.

In my work at Gordon studio, I have found that my students who come to train, dance, and transform their bodies have a wealth of knowledge about what works for them in terms of eating for fat loss: but they stop using that knowledge!

They acquire what I call:
Fat Loss Amnesia.

So I'm going to make a simple request to help you build your own fat loss strategy.

For just three days: Yes just three days, I'm going to ask you to make and eat breakfast at home, and write down what you made.

This is powerful in two ways:  Studies show that people who write down what they eat lose twice as much weight as those who don't, and you will have the beginning of your own "Real Food Strategy for Fat Loss."
I want you to get the benefits of being in charge of what you eat, especially for your first meal of the day.

Here's what I had this morning:
2 eggs from a friend's hens
2 slices of uncured local bacon
Spinach sauteed in coconut oil with mushrooms.

It's noon, and I'm still feeling satisfied and energized.

You could also have 1 cup of strawberries with 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1 oz chopped raw almonds.  Add cinnamon and a few drops of stevia if the yogurt is too tart.

So prepare your own real food breakfast for three days, write down what you made, and see if you notice a difference in how you feel.  My guess is that you will have more energy and fewer cravings throughout the day: leading to a looser waistband at the end of just three days.

If you want a complete strategy to get rid of sugar cravings in three days, I have written Sugar Freedom: a complete program that shows you exactly what I ate to lose more than 60 pounds, and keep them off for 5 years and counting.

You can get Sugar Freedom for 30% off for a limited time at

Catherine Gordon A.C.E., was named the  Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year for her work with her students at Gordon Studio in Sonora, CA.  She is a member of the National Weight Control Registry and the author of The Sugar Freedom Diet.

Her website is

Thursday, December 26, 2013

From the First Five Pounds to the Last Five Pounds

I can hardly believe the Sugar Freedom Plan is actually live, and getting into the hands of the people who need it.

When I was trying to lose more than 40 pounds as a middle aged Mom, I was searching high and low for someone my age who had struggled with her weight all her life, and finally lost all the weight she wanted to.

I needed to find her so that I could ask this one burning question,

"What exactly did you eat to finally get lean?"

I had met women who had lost weight, and very often they would say Weight Watchers, or Atkins, or Smaller Portions and walking, or No White Foods.  But when it came to actual menus and meal plans I could only find techniques from fitness competitors who had never really been overweight, magazine diets that looked a lot like the Standard American Diet that had never worked for me, and celebrity diets that looked like they couldn't keep a sparrow alive.

When I finally did find a way to put together an eating strategy that worked to take fat off and keep it off, I discovered that planning my meals each morning on paper was one of the keys to my success.

That means that five years after reaching my goal weight, I have a record of what finally worked, and what keeps me within five pounds of my goal range year round.  Two years ago, I opened my Personal Training business, and just over a year ago I opened Gordon Studio where I teach Turbulence Training five days a week.  I soon discovered that my students were just as eager as I was to find out what I was eating, and why it was working.

Just a Few of the Books I Read in Search of Sugar Freedom
In June I committed To writing Sugar Freedom, and today the program is available at  A number of my clients and friends are already losing fat, looking younger, and feeling great using Sugar Freedom.  

You can discover the simplicity of losing weight with Sugar Freedom too.  It's how I eat every single day, and it's the reason I have the energy to teach eleven fitness classes a week, keep up with my 12 year old son, and enjoy life with my husband of 13 years.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question about Sugar Freedom, and I look forward to hearing about your success.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Three Reasons To Quit Sugar Now

Three Reasons Why You Need To Quit Sugar Now.

#1.  Sugar stops fat burning in its tracks by triggering insulin release.

According to The Journal of Clinical Investigation, "Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) is the principal mechanism of insulin secretion."  

Glucose is quite simply blood sugar, and any sugar that you eat causes a rise in blood sugar, and the release of insulin into the bloodstream.

According to Dr. Gregory Ellis, even a tiny release of insulin into the bloodstream can decrease fat release and fat burning by more than 40%.  So if a teaspoon of sugar can reduce fat burning by 40%, imagine what just one donut could do to your fat burning efforts?

#2.  Sugar causes aging through the process of Glycation.

What is glycation?  Put simply it is the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid.  Here is what the Journal of Nutrition has to say about fructose and other sugars: 

"Fructose intake has increased steadily during the past two decades. Fructose, like other sugars, can react with proteins through the Maillard reaction (glycation), which may account for several complications of diabetes mellitus and accelerating aging."
When the crust turns brown on a loaf of baking bread, that browning is the result of the glycation process.  Now, you may not mind the fact that glycation makes bread brown and crusty, but I certainly don't want glycation to be causing browning and flakiness in the cels and tissues of my body: especially my skin.
#3.  Sugar consumption interferes with feelings of fullness and satiety.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

"… it has been hypothesized that sugars, especially those used as caloric sweeteners, when consumed in drinks, contribute to excess energy intake through bypassing regulatory systems and by exacerbating hunger (68, 21)."

CBE news reported on a study that tracked changes in the brain that are caused by sugar:

"For the small study, published Jan. 2 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), scientists used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, scans to track blood flow in the brain in 20 young, normal-weight people before and after they had drinks containing glucose or fructose in two sessions spaced several weeks apart.

The brain scans showed that drinking glucose "turns off or suppresses the activity of areas of the brain that are critical for reward and desire for food," said one study leader, Dr. Robert Sherwin, chief of endocrinology at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn."
In other words, you may have had more than enough sugar to spike insulin and stop fat burning, but your brain won't get any "I'm full" signals to tell it to stop eating!

I've known since childhood that eating sugar, and the foods like bread and pasta that break down into sugar (glucose) in the body, makes me overeat, sometimes in shocking amounts.  I suffered from being overweight and obese for years because I simply could not find an eating plan that satisfied my hunger: let alone a diet that could get me to my weight goal!
 I am a Certified Turbulence Trainer and I know how effective TT is.  But we all agree that it's pretty much impossible to out-train a bad diet. How do I define a bad diet?  It's any diet that doesn't satisfy your appetite, causing you to overeat and keep unwanted fat on your body.
With Sugar Freedom my students at Gordon Studio here in Sonora CA are discovering how simple it  can be to release fat, and reveal the great body they've been training for.  Like you, they are committed to health and fitness, and they deserve to show off their dedication!
Sugar Freedom does eliminate sugar, grains, and processed oils from your diet, but it is full of real, delicious, easy to prepare foods that satisfy hunger, and stimulate fat loss.
You see, I wrote Sugar Freedom because my family, friends, and clients were asking me this one question:
"How do I get off sugar?"
The answer I always give them?  "Eat something else."  
I promise  that Sugar Freedom will show you exactly what that "Something Else" is, so that you can lose all the fat you want, look younger, and feel great.

Catherine Gordon A.C.E., was named the  Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year for her work with her students at Gordon Studio in Sonora, CA.  She is a member of the National Weight Control Registry and the author of The Sugar Freedom Diet.
Her website is

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beating Sugar Addiction Step One

Would you steal to feed your addiction?

I never knew when they would start: the cravings.
Sometimes I would be tired, or stressed, or even elated over a happy achievement.  Usually, they would happen whenever I got close to my next weight loss goal.

Then the thoughts would come: the food thoughts.
"Where can I get something sweet and chewy?"
"Are there donuts hidden in the cupboard?"
"Did my room-mate's Mom send her some cookies?"
 Thoughts like this would always come next,
"I'll just have a spoonful of Louise's peanut butter,"  or, "I'll just borrow a slice of Maria's bread."   "Colin won't miss one rice krispy treat."  It might even start with something as innocent as a very ripe banana, but as soon as I took the first bite, I was off to the races.

How can I describe the devastating power of that first bite?  Pardon the drama, but it was like heaven and hell at the same time.  One bite of a glazed donut and my taste buts would be going nuts at the same time as my heart would be sinking , and my head would be saying, "Oh no Catherine, you've done it again."

It's bad enough to be swept up into a binge by your sugar addiction, but it's even worse when someone catches you taking their food, even after they have specifically asked you not to.

To this very day I can see the expression on my friend and room-mate Beth's face as she asked me to stop eating her cereal when she was out of the apartment.  She looked bewildered, and so disappointed in me.  Why would a good friend steal her food?

Shame was a terrible consequence of my sugar habit, and the morning after could be even worse.  My aching head, swollen belly, and puffy face were just the most obvious symptoms of my sugar hangover.  I was always depressed after those episodes, and it wasn't just because I was disappointed in myself.  The depression was also a physical reaction to food that was like a poison to me.

If you've never felt the compulsion to keep eating long after a food stops tasting good, you probably won't understand why I had to leave sugar and flour, gluten and grains behind.  If you can stop eating after 2 oreos or one potato chip, you might think I'm just some silly drama queen looking for attention, and making excuses for being fat.

That's fine, I understand that I'm not normal.  I've cried over that a lot.  Actually, I'm crying right now.  So I will look for understanding from the women and men who have felt what I feel whenever I eat the sugar, flour, and fake fat combination that is my drug, my poison, my kryptonite.

Why did I steal and eat those foods?   The momentary rush they gave me was so overwhelming, so powerful, that I was willing to give up my dignity for it.

So how did I finally break this miserable addiction that kept me from having the body, the energy, and the self respect I needed to create the life of my dreams?

I found a way to eat something else. 
Dear Readers, Sugar Freedom is coming.  Please visit and opt in with your email to get a solution to overeating that really works. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Inspiration

She's too hard on herself.
No matter what she achieves, she thinks she ought to have done better.
When she works out or trains at the gym, she thinks, "Everyone else here is younger, stronger, and more dedicated than I am.  They deserve the space more than I do."
Sometimes, she is the least  outwardly fit person in the room, and she thinks,
"What am I doing here?  My friends and family are right, I'm spending too much time trying to get better at  lifting weights and losing fat.  I should be focusing on what matters: working, volunteering, taking care of the people who are important to me.  Am I vain, or just foolish?"
She doesn't know that she is an inspiration to everyone around her.
When she kneels down to do her push-ups , people don't think she's weak.  They see that she is humble.  Heego  doesn't choose her level of difficulty, wisdom does.  When she has to pick up  the lightest weight in the rack, (and trust me, she wants to lift more) her fellow trainees  see that form is more important than lifting a weight you can't control.
No matter how much leaner, stronger, and more beautiful she becomes, she believes that she will never measure up to the beauty of the young and physically gifted women she sees in films, in magazines,  on the internet, or even right next to her in class.
I won't write your name, but I believe you know who you are.  I'm writing this to you.
Have I felt all of these emotions?  Yes.
I suspect that anyone who reads this here has  felt the same.
I want you to know that when I turn the key in the lock of my little fitness studio, and step in to begin my day of teaching and training, you are my inspiration.
I'm not young either.  All around me are beautiful girls, and strong young men, who can train harder, lift more, and perform feats of fitness that make everyone around them gasp with admiration.
So be it.  I resolve to eat well, train smart, rest and recover, so that I can keep doing this work that  I love.
I am a Fitness Instructor.  Without you my work has no point.