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Three Reasons To Quit Sugar Now

Three Reasons Why You Need To Quit Sugar Now.

#1.  Sugar stops fat burning in its tracks by triggering insulin release.

According to The Journal of Clinical Investigation, "Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) is the principal mechanism of insulin secretion."  

Glucose is quite simply blood sugar, and any sugar that you eat causes a rise in blood sugar, and the release of insulin into the bloodstream.

According to Dr. Gregory Ellis, even a tiny release of insulin into the bloodstream can decrease fat release and fat burning by more than 40%.  So if a teaspoon of sugar can reduce fat burning by 40%, imagine what just one donut could do to your fat burning efforts?

#2.  Sugar causes aging through the process of Glycation.

What is glycation?  Put simply it is the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid.  Here is what the Journal of Nutrition has to say about fructose and other sugars: 

"Fructose intake has increased steadily during the past two decades. Fructose, like other sugars, can react with proteins through the Maillard reaction (glycation), which may account for several complications of diabetes mellitus and accelerating aging."
When the crust turns brown on a loaf of baking bread, that browning is the result of the glycation process.  Now, you may not mind the fact that glycation makes bread brown and crusty, but I certainly don't want glycation to be causing browning and flakiness in the cels and tissues of my body: especially my skin.
#3.  Sugar consumption interferes with feelings of fullness and satiety.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

"… it has been hypothesized that sugars, especially those used as caloric sweeteners, when consumed in drinks, contribute to excess energy intake through bypassing regulatory systems and by exacerbating hunger (68, 21)."

CBE news reported on a study that tracked changes in the brain that are caused by sugar:

"For the small study, published Jan. 2 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), scientists used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, scans to track blood flow in the brain in 20 young, normal-weight people before and after they had drinks containing glucose or fructose in two sessions spaced several weeks apart.

The brain scans showed that drinking glucose "turns off or suppresses the activity of areas of the brain that are critical for reward and desire for food," said one study leader, Dr. Robert Sherwin, chief of endocrinology at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn."
In other words, you may have had more than enough sugar to spike insulin and stop fat burning, but your brain won't get any "I'm full" signals to tell it to stop eating!

I've known since childhood that eating sugar, and the foods like bread and pasta that break down into sugar (glucose) in the body, makes me overeat, sometimes in shocking amounts.  I suffered from being overweight and obese for years because I simply could not find an eating plan that satisfied my hunger: let alone a diet that could get me to my weight goal!
 I am a Certified Turbulence Trainer and I know how effective TT is.  But we all agree that it's pretty much impossible to out-train a bad diet. How do I define a bad diet?  It's any diet that doesn't satisfy your appetite, causing you to overeat and keep unwanted fat on your body.
With Sugar Freedom my students at Gordon Studio here in Sonora CA are discovering how simple it  can be to release fat, and reveal the great body they've been training for.  Like you, they are committed to health and fitness, and they deserve to show off their dedication!
Sugar Freedom does eliminate sugar, grains, and processed oils from your diet, but it is full of real, delicious, easy to prepare foods that satisfy hunger, and stimulate fat loss.
You see, I wrote Sugar Freedom because my family, friends, and clients were asking me this one question:
"How do I get off sugar?"
The answer I always give them?  "Eat something else."  
I promise  that Sugar Freedom will show you exactly what that "Something Else" is, so that you can lose all the fat you want, look younger, and feel great.

Catherine Gordon A.C.E., was named the  Certified Turbulence Trainer of the Year for her work with her students at Gordon Studio in Sonora, CA.  She is a member of the National Weight Control Registry and the author of The Sugar Freedom Diet.
Her website is

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