Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't Get Triggered on Super Bowl Sunday!

Did the Dopamine Make Me Do It?

This weekend, the wheels came off of the Freedom Wagon.

I got into my son's snack cupboard: never a good thing.

It started like this: I had some of the mixed nuts I found in there.  They were heavily salted and roasted in cottonseed oil.  Yikes.  Turns out that cottonseed oil is a by product of cotton production that is genetically modified, and often treated with pesticides that aren't allowed to be used on food.

I quickly moved on to beef jerky that contained gluten and MSG, and after that my appetite was fully triggered, and I'd rather not go into the gory details of what came next.

I went back to my research on why some over eaters like me get triggered, and I came across an article in the journal: Appettite.  Here is quote on food addiction:

"Most of the evidence for food's addictive properties lies in the biological realm.  There is now considerable evidence that food and drugs of abuse exploit similar pathways in the brain, namely the dopamine and opiate systems (Hoebel, Rada, Mark, &Pothos, 1999; Nieto, Wilson, Cupo, Roques, & Noble, 2002)."

What is a common trigger for the dopamine response?  You guessed it: sugar.  Now here's where things get confusing: the trigger response is even worse when that sugar is combined with fat and salt.

Many of us in the no processed sugar camp are champions of healthy fat consumption.  If you've read the Sugar Freedom manual, you know that our go-to fats for cooking are coconut oil, grass fed organic butter, organic olive oil, and ghee, along with walnut and macadamia nut oils for dressings.

Fat becomes a factor in compulsive over eating when it is combined with sugar and foods that rapidly break down into sugar.  I have to be honest.  Something in those roasted nuts pushed my appetite button.  So what could I have eaten instead?
1. Raw unsalted Almonds
2. A Granny Smith Apple with 1oz of walnuts
3. Baby carrots with salsa

As you can see, I like to keep it simple.  Now, I would like to introduce you to someone who makes healthy home cooking exciting.  He is fellow Certified Turbulence Trainer Daniel Woodrum.  
Overeating has been a part of his personal history, and he has put what he has discovered about heathy eating into Home Cooking For Fat Loss.  Many of his recipes are Sugar Freedom friendly, (No added sugar, grains, or processed oils) and the ones I have tried are delicious and satisfying.

The best part is that he has added a Super Bowl bonus that has fantastic recipes that can keep you satisfied and away from the "Trigger Foods" this Sunday.  
Let's face it, in the US Super Bowl Sunday has become the number one day of the year for excess in eating.  I want you to have a strategy going in that gives you a chance to enjoy the big game: while still feeling great about yourself on Monday morning!

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