Monday, July 28, 2014

My Cardio Confession

I was a fat girl.  My Mom took me to the pediatrician when I was eight years old, and he agreed that I was overweight.  He had me count calories, and he recommended the swim team for more exercise.

I wanted to dance. I desperately wanted to dance, but ballet wasn't right for little fat girls, so it was off to swim team for me.

I hated it.  I had a melon belly in my swimsuit that embarrassed my stepdad, I can sill hear him saying,

"Tuck Cathy tuck!"  That was his shorthand for telling me to suck in my stomach.

I know I probably still sound angry, and I've prayed hard over learning to forgive, but when I look back at photographs of that time, I wasn't very fat.  The horrible truth is that once they put me on a low-fat diet and the swim team, my appetite went out of control, I became obsessed with food and the feeling that I was starving, and I became fat.

I stayed fat until I discovered cigarettes, diet soft drinks, and the power of starving myself at age 15.

It worked.  I got thinner, prettier, and quite frankly happier because of the approval I received.  Did they know that I was living on one salad, or one serving of french fries and the smallest dinner I could get away with?

Still, I couldn't get skinny enough for the one thing I wanted to do after college.  I wanted desperately to be an actor, singer, and dancer.  Silly me, I picked the career that required its women to be not only the fairest, but the thinnest of them all.  So I started to count calories, and do aerobics classes and use cardio machines again.

Even in my twenties, I noticed that when I went to legitimate ballet or jazz classes, or when I was rehearsing a show, I would get leaner, and love the way I looked.  Then I'd try to get thinner by going to the gym and doing step aerobics, the treadmill, and cardio dance classes, and I'd get square, squishy, and hungry and put on fat again.

What was going on?  It turns out that trying to erase calories with tons of moderate intensity steady state cardio doesn't work.  The aerobics teachers of the 80s and 90s all had one thing in common: they were young and they had never ever had a weight problem.  We poor overweight girls were trying to get thin by taking advice from people who had never ever needed to lose weight.

It took me from 1979 to 2008 to finally figure out what I was doing wrong.

You would thank that after my TT Transformation in 2008-2010 I would never go back to 60 minute long aerobic dance classes.  You would be wrong.  I started teaching aerobic dance because I wanted to be popular and successful, and here is what I got as result:

I went from this...
To this.
What a nightmare.  I was doing up to 14 hours of cardio a week: 6 hours teaching and another 8 hours practicing.  I gained 15 pounds of pure fat, and my thighs got so big that none of my pants or shorts fit anymore.

Slowly but surely, I got out of the aerobic dance business, and I switched all of my teaching over to Turbulence Training, Home Workout Solution, and the new Six Minutes to Skinny programs designed by Craig Ballantyne MS/CTT.

The result?  I am so relieved that I was able to get my body back.  Now, I've finally handed off the last of my cardio classes.  For the first time in almost three years I can be true to what truly works again.  Am I right?  Can 6 Minutes to Skinny beat 12 hours a week of cardio?  ===>Click This Link<=== and find out.

I have another photo shoot in exactly 4 weeks, and the proof will be in the pictures.  Join me in using the 6 Minutes To Skinny Program, and if I'm wrong about "Black Hole"cardio, I'll be the first to admit it.
Age 50: 1/8 th. the cardio.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing the Sugar Freedom Show

Back in 2008, when I was going through the transformation that has allowed me to overcome obesity for good, I was listening to episodes of "The Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show" podcast every chance I could.  

The host , Jimmy Moore, had lost over 100 pounds by following a low carb, high fat diet, and it had become his passion to share information and interviews from the top experts in the world on how to shed  fat, improve health, and find a way of eating that just works for life.

Along with the experts, he shared success stories of people just like me, (maybe just like you too) who couldn't overcome obesity and food obsession until they finally kicked sugar and grains to the curb for ever.  

Sugar Freedom simply wouldn't exist without the inspiration of the authors like Gary Taubes (Good Calories, Bad Calories), Dr. William Davis, (Wheat Belly), and Dr. David Perlmutter, (Grain Brain) that Jimmy interviewed on his podcast.  When I was preparing food, doing laundry, or even working in the garden, Jimmy's show helped keep me inspired and on plan.  Even back in 2008, Jimmy was encouraging his audience members to tell their stories too. 

Just in case you are unfamiliar with podcasting, podcasts are like radio programs, but you listen to them on your computer, iPod, or smart phone.

Just a few weeks ago my sister Patty, who is having great success on the Sugar Freedom Plan, came right out and asked me,

"So when does your podcast start?"

I thought to myself, "Now.  It starts now."

I am so excited about this part of the Sugar Freedom journey.  Now I can answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer help from other experts in a brand new way.  Right now, you can listen to my very first public show with a real live guest.

James Gaida, the author of 4 Day Fat Loss  joins me to tell the story of how he went form chubby kid, to personal trainer, to passionate nutrition writer.  He learned what all of us who love fitness training eventually learn:  If you want to help people transform their bodies, you have to find a way to inspire them to eat smart, and eat well.  Then the transformation can begin!

James knows that once you reach your goal, you need strategies for eating well for life, and he shares several of them on the podcast.

In honor of his appearance on the show he is offering a deep discount on his entire program to Sugar Freedom listeners, and readers.

You can get his program at this link===>Click Here.
I Heard About Them On A Podcast.

To listen to the podcast go to

(Note: I recommend that you listen to the episode titled We're back with James Giada.)

Please send your questions, show suggestions, and the names of authors you would like to hear me interview to:

Let the Podcasting adventure begin!