Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will You Please Vote?

Hello Everyone,

This is why I became a Personal Trainer and diet author.  After 35 years I found the solution to my weight problem, and I wanted to share it with my family, my community, and the world.

I am so honored by the dedication of Jim, Janet, Phyliss, and Pam.  They are all finalists in the current Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

  By combining TT and the principles of Sugar Freedom, they have achieved amazing results.

to see their before and afters, read their essays, and vote.

There is no need to opt in or share your name or e-mail.

The success of my students and readers keeps me going every day.

Sometimes, I do get tired, and I want to eat the way I see everyone around me eating.

Then, I think about my clients and their commitment, and I can stick to the plan that has given me a real purpose in my working life.

It is so worth it.

Jim J.- Men over 40
Janet L.- Women over 40
Phyliss R.-Women over 40
Pam J. Pro Division

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