Saturday, February 7, 2015

Starting today: A Year Without Sugar.

On December 26th, 2014 Sugar Freedom was released to the public.  The program was, and continues to be, an evolving record of the eating strategy that allowed me, and now my readers and clients, to recover from food addiction.

Sugar, grains, and processed fats continue to be the main dietary culprits when it comes to out of control appetite and fat storage.  In addition certain behaviors, like eating in front of the television, standing up, or in the car, tend to lead to the kind of eating that doesn't satisfy our appetites.

I have spent countless hours searching for the keys to permanent fat loss and peace with food, and I am convinced that when we eat food that nourishes and satisfies us, without triggering our appetites, we can naturally arrive at an ideal authentic weight.

Sugar Freedom readers like Sharon S.,Paulann W., Maria C., and Pam J. have had wonderful success not just at losing weight, but at arriving at goal and staying there.

This is the gold standard of a nutritional approach: not only to lose fat, but to get all the way to goal and stay there for good.

How do we do this if we are addicted to sugar and foods that rapidly break down into sugar when we digest them?

Starting here and now, I am ready to get behind the concept of abstinence from sugar, grains, and processed oils one day at a time for the rest of my life.  I must confess, that over the course of the past year I have experimented with the idea that I might be able to add back certain foods and some wine without getting triggered, overeating, and re-gaining fat.

Many individuals with normal appetites and insulin sensitivity do beautifully on a program that includes cheat meals.  I personally know many men and women who get lean and stay that way in spite of, or maybe because of, their strategic indulgences.  Dark chocolate, almond butter, coconut flour, and maple syrup can work beautifully to enhance eating enjoyment within the boundaries of good health.

And yet... whenever I try to incorporate these foods I binge.  

Luckily, Dr. Vera Tarman has recently released her book, "Food Junkies" which explores sugar and food addiction from the point of view of a medical doctor who treats food addicts.  Indeed, Dr. Tarman is an addict herself, which gives her profound insights into what it takes to leave the addictive foods behind.  I highly recommend reading her book which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

What a relief it is to know that I am not alone in my inability to incorporate sugar and starch with out causing an episode of compulsive overeating.  There is more good news. My readers, clients, and I are experiencing more energy, better sleep and mental clarity, improved mood, fat loss, and perhaps best of all, a growing indifference to sugar the longer we abstain from it.

This is the promise of Sugar Freedom: That by leaving sugar out completely, we can leave it behind easily.  Did I really say easily?  Yes I did.  This is the reality of the Sugar Freedom lifestyle.

Is it hard to get to this place of indifference to sugar and starch?  Yes, it can be, but my clients and I continue to discover new strategies for making the process as simple as possible.

One key is to add chicken, beef, or vegetable bullion to the 3 Day Sugar Strike.  This can help ease the lack of energy that comes with getting off of sugar.  

I am so eager to see where 2015 takes us as authors, doctors, scientists, and researchers continue to gain understanding into how any why we get fat, and how we release fat for good.

I stand ready to share every new technique I can for overcoming food obsession.  The incredible benefit that comes from getting free of trigger foods is the opportunity to replace harmful eating with joyful living.

I encourage you contact me at: with your questions, struggles, and personal solutions.  We can overcome sugar addiction together.  Then we can use the energy we used to waste fighting our appetites to fuel the lives we have always wanted.

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