Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eight Years in Ketosis

Back in 2008, when I made the choices that finally allowed me to overcome a lifetime of overweight and obesity, I was afraid to share exactly what I was eating.

Back then, an eating strategy that consistently contained over 70% of energy from fat was radical to say the least.

Or was it really?  I've written before about the fact that President Taft lost a lot of fat on a high fat/low carb diet.  Unfortunately Taft gained the weight back, and more, because he couldn't stay on the diet long term.

That brings me to one of the loudest arguments against an LCHF diet.  Although many doctors and researchers agree that this kind of diet works for fat loss, they claim that it's it's unsustainable because nobody wants to cut out sugar and starchy carbs for life.

Or do they?

More and more, when I tell people about how I lost weight for good, and about Sugar Freedom which is the plan that lays out exactly how I ate, the reaction isn't horror at how much fat I eat.

Nowadays, when I tell people about the reality of living on a high fat diet day by day, they listen with interest, and a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

Over the 18 months since Sugar Freedom became available through Clickbank, and since many of my clients at Gordon Studio have started eating sugar freedom style, I have been able to read about and see first hand what happens when other people leave sugar and grains out of their food plans on a long term basis.

What are some of the reported effects of Sugar Freedom and LCHF?

1. Fat Loss
2. Improved energy
3. Better sleep
4. Mental Clarity
5. Improved athletic performance
6. Joint recovery (Fewer aches and pains.)
7. Healthier teeth and gums
8. More zest for life, including romance.

One happy consequence I have observed is that my clients' lives are expanding.  They are getting promotions, dating again, entering races, starting their own businesses, and volunteering more to name a few happy changes.

It appears that when we can access stored fat for energy by eating foods that lower insulin and satisfy the appetite, it gets a lot easier to go out and fulfill our dreams.

With every year that goes by life gets fuller, richer, and sweeter even though I don't eat conventional sweets.  If some experts claim that LCHF is unsustainable over the long term, then I need to add my voice to those who have been eating this way for years, and thriving like never before.

Finally, here is sample of the way I eat/drink each day:

Plenty of water.

Morning Tonic: 1T Braggs Cider Vinegar + 1T lemon juice in water with a few drops of Stevia

Coffee with organic heavy cream: preferably raw.

2 Eggs, 3 Strips Bacon, 1C cooked Spinach with salsa

Romaine Lettuce salad with olive oil dressing, 2 Chicken thighs, more spinach

4-5oz Rib Eye Steak, more salad, and another cooked vegetable with Kerrygold butter.

Many times I am simply too full to eat dinner, so I do a 16 hour fast until breakfast the next day.

As long as I stay away from sugar and grains, I simply don't want them.

Eight years into my nutritional ketosis lifestyle, I realize that I don't crave what I don't have: I enjoy what I do have.

I believe that is my ultimate Fat Loss Key.

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