Monday, May 4, 2015

The Six Week Sugar Freedom Challenge Begins

Welcome to the challenge everyone.  This is our third on-line sugar elimination mission, and I am so happy to be able to share the new strategies we have learned during challenges one and two.

Today, we begin with this question,

Do you have a good understanding of Why you are undertaking the effort to take sugar, grains, and vegetable oils out of your eating plan?  Take a moment to think again what having your authentic ideal body would allow you to do.  This is why you are moving forward with Sugar Freedom, and nobody else gets to decide what your ideal is, or what you will create in your life as you achieve it.

Our goal for the next six weeks is to put food in its proper place.  It is fuel for our dreams, not some idol we worship three, six, or more times a day. If food has somehow become the number one pleasure and priority in your life, as it did in mine, this is the primary issue we will address during the challenge.

Each day we will satisfy our hunger and energize the body while releasing fat.

We will switch from primarily using sugar to using fat to fuel our activities.  The Sugar Strike pulls out the foods that make you a sugar burner, while providing enough fat burning food to make you say,

"Wow, I feel so full!"

Do not forget to drink bullion if you begin to feel out of sorts. You can lose sodium on the Sugar Strike, and the bullion will help replenish it.

I will check in at 2:30PM Pacific time Monday through Friday to answer your questions.  Stay strong and remember, if you want to eat off plan you are experiencing a craving.  A craving is a feeling, and feelings do pass.  Drink a glass of water, eat a hard boiled egg or another Freedom Food.  Do not go hungry.

Finally, reach out to the group with your struggles.  We succeed faster when we help each other.

I can't wait to see what you all achieve.

Your Coach, Catherine Gordon ACE/CTT
Author of Sugar Freedom

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