Monday, June 15, 2015

The Sugar Freedom Food Pyramid

I am so grateful to my in-person clients who keep me on my toes when it comes to the information they need.

The number one request is a way to understand exactly what they can and can't eat.  I am currently creating a master list of Yes/No foods on the Sugar Freedom program.  

In the meantime, Dr. Mercola's food pyramid is great place to start.  I would add beans, legumes, and soy to the top of the pyramid (meaning minimal to no consumption).
Thanks for this excellent info-graphic!
Right now, I am starting a new 14 Day Fat Loss Super Challenge.

This was inspired by the fact that I have returned to my work as an actor, singer, dancer in the live Theatre.  My fellow performers and I need a fast effective plan we can follow for real results.  For example, auditions and photo shoots can come up unexpectedly, and we need strategies to look our best in a hurry.

The best thing about my 14 Day plan is that you can see improvement from just 24 hours on the program.  How?  It is specifically intended to get rid of bloat right away, and burn fat like crazy for the next 2 weeks.

Other elements that my clients demand are  simplicity and ease of use.  Translation: they don't have much time to cook.

By solution is to recommend Bio-Trust Low Carb Protein Powder mixed with water and 2T of organic heavy cream at breakfast time.  You can get the protein powder at the link above, and yes, this is an affiliate link.

Then, I move my typical Sugar Freedom breakfast to lunch, and I shift my typical lunch to dinner time.  Note: the entire Sugar Freedom Program is available ===>By Clicking Here<===.

Please check this blog for updates of the 14 Day Program.

More to come, and don't forget to keep it simple.

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