Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Simple Diet That Works.

It's been two years and one day since the launch of Sugar Freedom. I remember that I was so afraid that no one would buy it. Even worse was the fear that people would buy it, and it wouldn't work. Back in late December of 2013, I had worked with about a dozen clients at Gordon Studio who had used the program, and the results were powerful. In the first three days, also known as the "Sugar Strike," the typical weight loss was 5 pounds. Then we saw consistent fat loss of a pound a week. When clients hit plateaus, which they did, I would advise more water, more green vegetables, and long gentle walks. This consistently did the trick, and so they were able to stick with the program. Many of these original "Freedom Fans" are still on the program, including the lovely Pam Junette who is now a trainer here at Gordon Studio. A little more than a year ago, I started offering 6 week sugar freedom challenges which combined interval, resistance, and restorative training training to the program. The results shocked me. Among clients who eliminated sugar, grains, and traditional cardio, the success rate was literally 100%. Specifically, every one of these participants lost at least a pound a week regardless or their age or how much body fat they wanted to lose. In 2015 alone, Gordon Studio members lost more than 1200 pounds and inches. By the way, Gordon Studio is less than 1200 square feet big so I can say that it's truly the little studio with the big results. I became a Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and a fitness studio owner specifically because I could no longer tolerate seeing women and men train and diet without seeing the changes they longed for. The feeling I get when I see a client transform her body is profoundly inspiring. I wanted to share their success with you because I know you can do it too. If you get the Sugar Freedom program, at, you have the exact nutrition strategy they used to create their fat loss success. The New Year is coming, and people everywhere will be making resolutions to lose weight. If you are like me and my clients, and you've become convinced that sugar and grains are holding you back from the body you desire and deserve, now is truly the time to take action. I am committed to bringing you more recipes, meal plans, and motivational strategies in 2016. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me: if you have questions or concerns when you do the program. This is our year to develop the health, fitness, and enthusiasm to realize our dreams. Your Friend in Fitness, Catherine Gordon ACE-CPT Certified Nutrition Specialist Member: National Weight Control Registry