Friday, June 2, 2017

No Equipment Training

Here is a cool tool for fat loss:  The name game with bodyweight exercises.

Back when I was struggling to lose weight, I used to spend hours in the gym doing traditional cardio.  Classes, treadmill, swimming, the elliptical, I tried them all.  I couldn't understand why I was so hungry all the time.  The worst part was the fact that I looked old and tired.  Why?  I was burning muscle.
I stopped doing conventional steady state cardio, and I started doing intervals instead.  I admit that the most powerful aspect of training that I use with my clients is weight lifting, but you may want to train on the days when you don't lift.  That's what the "Name Game" is for.  I found one of these lists on Facebook.  I took out the crunches, added some of my favorite interval moves, and here they are.  Just use the letters of your name to spell out a training session.  The optimal duration is just 11 minutes, and you will be triggering fat loss, not burning muscle.

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