Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Remedy For Vanity

A Remedy for Vanity

 A few years ago, my son asked me what job I would want if I could do anything in the world.

 He said that I had to be absolutely honest.

I had to dream without judgement.

 If I could do anything, I would sing, and dance, and wear beautiful clothes, professionally.

 After the interview, Colin told me that he thought I really wanted to be a fashion model.

 "Right," I thought. I'm over 40 and under 5'2," so that's ridiculous.

 You see, what I taught myself over the years is that the key to happiness is to find a way to stop wanting what you can't have. In truth, that's just a way to stop getting hurt. Still, I have learned a few more helpful things over the past 54 years of seeking love, fulfillment, and happiness.

 Starting today, I am embarking on an experimental journey that requires me to create what I desire and do what I love in whatever way, and at whatever level I can. I resolve to be an amateur, as the word amateur comes from the Latin: amare. To love. So I will sing, dance, act, and model as an amateur: for love. I will see how living in love will affect my actual "Living."

 I work as a personal trainer, group exercise leader, and fitness author. This is how I earn the money that helps me afford to sing, dance, act, and dress. I see that my physical practice and my work combine to give me the freedom to do what I love. Sugar Freedom and Cardio Freedom, my nutrition and and fitness programs, combine to give me the material and physical ability to create what I love, and I love Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

 So how is this a remedy for vanity? I have come to understand that vanity in my case is the longing to be beautiful and admired. The remedy is the determination to create what is beautiful, and do what is admirable for the sake of goodness.

 Now, I see that, The cure for vanity is the decision to create beauty instead of merely possessing it.

Soon, we leave for New York where I get to sing with the alumni of my college women's choir. This weekend, I can participate in Sonora Sings Classical, which is a group that gets together for an impromptu practice of classical choral music. The opportunities to be an amateur and do what I love are just waiting for me to have the courage to step into them.

 So how about you? What do you love to create and do, and where can you find your chances to be an amateur for the sake of your own happiness and goodness?


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