Monday, November 8, 2021

6 Week Fitness Challenge

 Six week fitness challenge: Drop sugar, lift weight, have fun.

Every year when the clocks turn back, I get out my light box, and prepare for a six week fitness challenge.

This year, we begin the challenge on Tuesday, November 9th, and we finish on Tuesday, December 21st.

The number one goal of this challenge is to improve our insulin sensitivity in time for Christmas, and to put the fitness and nutrition habits in place to carry us into a healthy new year. 

The three main benefits of insulin sensitivity are motivation, a healthy appetite, and a happy mood.

My three favorite tools to improve insulin sensitivity are:

1. A nutrition plan that is low in sugar, processed grains, and seed oils.

2. A training plan that includes 20 minutes of resistance exercise three times per week.

3. An activity plan that promotes the joy of living over the need to burn calories.

My nutrition plan is available to download at:  

You can click on the link and get a copy of my original diet without giving out your e-mail.

There is a donate button on the site if  you feel moved to give.

The training plan I will be using is the simple, proven strategy of nine lifts performed to momentary form failure for just one set. It takes about 20 minutes and for the next six weeks it will consist of:

1. Push ups

2. Squats

3. Rows

4. Romanian Deadlifts

5. Overhead Press

6. T-Bends

7. Bicep Curls

8. Calf Raises

9. Tricep Extensions.

On three other days of the week, I suggest activities that you enjoy. For example, dance, swim, practice Yoga, hike, garden, or bike, but be sure that you approach these activities in a way that makes you eager to do them.  Adding more movement for the sake of burning calories or to change your appearance can backfire by causing stress. You need happy movement in your life.  For the next six weeks I challenge you to seek it out.

I will be checking in on YouTube.

You can e-mail me: with any questions.

Practice what you love, eat for yourself, and be well,


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